For about 10 days now, Americans have been gathering to protest the problems of systemic racism, violence, and brutality that our POC communities have suffered from the authorities. Protests have broken out in virtually all American states, in small towns and cities, and overseas in Europe and New Zealand.

Social media platforms have also taken measures to provide financial support to organizations that fight racial inequality and promote education so that we can find a way to better education and understanding of how we can support the issue with empathy.

We saw the following from each of the major companies:

Twitter #Allyship overview

Beyond updating his main profile to reflect his support for the protests, Twitter also uses its #StartSmall initiative to award several grants to support organizations that work against racial inequalities. This contains Colin Kaepernick& # 39; S & # 39;Know Your Rights CampThe aim was to promote the liberation and well-being of the black and brown communities through education, self-empowerment and mass mobilization.

Most importantly, in a new guide for allies, the platform shared its key findings on how people can improve their response to racial inequality. To respond, people first need to "understand the historical and structural relationships that have led to racism and discrimination … On Twitter, our principles of the allies are simple: learning, asking, emerging and speaking," Marium R. Qureshi and Jade Williams explained in a recent blog post. According to this definition, allies are not about who you are, but about being authentic and consistent in your training on these critical issues.

When asking questions to friends and colleagues, do so sensitively and avoid coming from a place of unbelief. Some sample questions that follow these best practices include: "If you have the time / energy, do you feel comfortable sharing your experience with me?" and this week is difficult. How do you feel? If you want to get in touch and show up, consider making a donation to organizations fighting for racial justice and police reform to advance the cause and exercise your vote and right to vote. Carry out a self-assessment of who in your circle and with whom you interact online.

Learn LinkedIn: A path to inclusiveness

We need to invest our time to be better informed and to develop a deeper understanding and awareness that enables us to properly put ourselves in suffering black communities. This is the key to getting a real perspective on the current movement. The more people are trained, the better we are able to bring about effective and long-term changes.

In this sense, LinkedIn has published several free "Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging for All" courses that cover key topics that include unconscious prejudice, culturally sensitive issues, how to hire and retain different talents, and more. "By investing in our own learning to understand and combat bias, communicate on different topics, and bring about change, we can individually help build a better job and better society," said Hari Srinivasan, vice president of product at LinkedIn Learning.

The platform also recognizes that a strong ally starts listening. Therefore, she uses her social channels to share stories that broaden the perspective of the black community. Ways of understanding are critical to success, and LinkedIn is well positioned to create the awareness currently needed through extensive access to professional and educational knowledge that can help to address gaps that need to be addressed.

Pinterest: Improve racial justice content

Pinterest takes a broad approach to its efforts, starting with the platform and the internal team, and extends to external audiences that directly support the movement.

In particular, the content on racial justice is increased within the app to help people stay informed. This includes tips on how to assess and adapt your own mentality and how to approach younger children on the subject. There will also be content leading users to organizations that support them and various resources to learn more about the history of systemic racism in the country. In general, the platform seeks to increase the variety of content on the platform and avoid distractions that serve as a hub for support and learning. In this regard, the platform does not provide advertisements for Black Lives Matter results.

The company also donates 25,000 shares to "Racial and Tolerance Organizations" and invests $ 250,000 in rebuilding local businesses that have been damaged in the protests. In addition, racial justice organizations will be provided with $ 750,000 worth of payment media.

TikToks Creator Diversity Council

June is the month of black music and in celebration of TikTok it was announced to offer special programs to celebrate black artists on the platform that "bring new music, shape culture and help build the community".

The platform also doubles the technology and strategies to deal with potentially harmful content and create a more user-friendly complaint process. With this in mind, TikTok plans to set up a Creator Diversity Council that conducts impact-driven programs that are led by voices that drive the culture, creativity, and conversations that are needed to further influence the problem.

Outside of his team and community, TikTok makes donations $ 3 million of his "Community Relief FundTo nonprofits that help the black community and an additional one $ 1 million to combat racial injustice and inequality that we are seeing in this country. Even in the music room, Youtube is financially strengthened by the offer $ 1 million to organizations that want to act against injustice.

Lead with empathy

Finally the leaders behind it Snapchat, Reddit, Facebook, and Instagram have all chosen a personal approach to their response that leads to emotional memos.

Facebook is committed $ 10 million on racial injustice and lifting black voices, in addition to working with civil rights advocates in their efforts. In addition to Instagram, all profiles to support the latest events have been switched to black and white. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri has uploaded a personal IGTV response to his own profile that underlines his eagerness and desire to transform frustration, pain and anger into positive change.

Similarly, in his own statement, Evan Spiegel of Snapchat called for the creation of an American commission to combat racial injustice and a comprehensive tax reform as a way forward. Reddit co-founder takes even more drastic measures Alexis Ohanian has resigned from office and asked the board to replace him with a black candidate, and will use future profits from his Reddit share to serve the black community, starting with a $ 1 million donation on Kaepernick's "Know Your Rights" initiative.

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