March 22, 2021


Erica Perry


According to new Facebook reports from 2019 to 2020, the number of content creators, who earned the equivalent of $ 10,000 per month, increased 88 percent and content creators, who were making $ 1,000 a month, grew by multiples 94 percent.

To further support the busy developer community, the platform recently unveiled several new updates and features that will allow them to diversify their revenue options, whether it's a core business or a side business. Here is a summary of what's new.

  • Earn Income With Short Videos: Content creators can monetize all video types and test sticker ads in stories.
  • Open up monetization to more content creators: Facebook is expanding its in-stream ad permissions so that more video creators can access the program. In addition, Facebook is opening in-stream ads for live and expanding paid online events and fan subscriptions to additional countries.
  • Accelerated Fan Support: Content creators have easy access to fan support while increasing consumer acceptance through free Stars giveaways for viewers.

Diversifying reach through short video

Looking at the growing format of short-form videos – Facebook announced that developers can now make money from videos that are just one minute long, "with a minimally disruptive ad that runs after 30 seconds." In the past, developers and brands could only make money from in-stream ads of videos that lasted three minutes or more, with the ad itself showing no earlier than 1 minute.

In the announcement by Yoav Arnstein, Director of App Monetization at Facebook, Yoav Arnstein explained the growth path of in-stream adds for video partners of all sizes – from 2019 to 2020 alone, ad payouts rose by over 55 percent.

"We're going to start by testing the ability of content creators to monetize their Facebook Stories with ads that look like stickers and receive a portion of the resulting revenue," said Arnstein. The overall goal is to drive the development of these in-stream ad formats that lead to different, engaging experiences with relevant audiences through rewards or product interactions.

With that, the company revealed updated eligibility criteria for those who have quality for monetization. These include:

  • A total of 600,000 minutes viewed from any combination of video uploads – on-demand, live, and previously live – over the past 60 days.
  • Five or more active video uploads or previously live videos. Videos must be published, not deleted, and comply with our content monetization guidelines.

Increase your sales through Live with Stars

Live is another focus of Facebook. As part of the push, the platform offers new options for monetizing live video for a program that was previously only available by invitation. Specifically, those who want to include in-stream ads on their live broadcasts must have viewed 60,000 minutes of live in the past 60 days. Aside from in-stream ads for live, the company is raising awareness for its Stars gift program. According to the announcement, for the past six months, people have been sending video and game developers an average of 1 billion stars per month, which equates to $ 10 million per month.

"During certain star-enabled live streams, some people see an offer to claim free stars that they can choose to send to their preferred content creators to improve their visibility and connection with the creator, and to increase creators' income," said Arnstein.
While Stars lends itself primarily to the live format, Facebook is experimenting with Stars in a variety of formats, including a new review of Stars for video-on-demand and Stars options for short-form video clips.

Bring fan subscriptions and paid online events to more regions

2020 was proof of the power of the digital to bring people together. With sporting events, cooking classes, live podcast recording, virtual tours, makeup tutorials, and more, brands and developers are expanding the scope of their connection with new and larger audiences and monetizing their efforts. To continue the momentum, Facebook is bringing paid online events to an additional 24 countries, including Hong Kong, Indonesia and Ireland.

Similarly, Facebook is also expanding its fan subscription functionality. To date, there are over 1 million active fan subscriptions for content creators on Facebook, and paid online events are held in 20 countries. The fan subscription feature is currently available in more than 25 markets and will make another 10 countries available with a new push, including Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey.

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