Google explains to beginners how it improves search results in a new video posted on the company's YouTube channel.

How does Google improve search? In this video you can see how we look for scalable solutions to problems, test them, experiment and search:

You can also find more information on how the search works on our website:

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The video is clearly aimed at an audience that is less familiar with Google search than the average SEO or website owner.

Google typically publishes this level of content on the Google YouTube channel, while more advanced content is on the Google Webmasters channel.

Maybe it's the search freak in me, but I always find it interesting to see Google explain search to a general audience.

If you're anything like me, you might find it interesting too.

Here is a summary of the various points addressed in the video.


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Video Review: How Google Search Keeps Improving Results

Contrary to what some people think, Google cannot make changes to individual search results pages.

Rather, systems are implemented that improve search results overall.

"No system is perfect, and sometimes our system will miss the mark and show you content that is not really relevant or not from the most reliable sources.

You might think that we can only correct the results for that particular search, but with billions of searches a day, no one can manually decide what content to place over others.

Instead, let's do this: Improve your search.

We do this by making improvements to our systems that we believe will help not only those queries that produce unreliable or irrelevant results, but also a wide range of similar searches. "

Thousands of improvements a year

The video also shows that Google made around 3,620 improvements to search results in 2019 alone.


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That is an average of almost 10 improvements per day.

"These changes help us rank our Blue Link web results and our search capabilities such as autocomplete, knowledge panels, and featured snippets."

Of course, not all of these 3,000+ improvements are algorithm updates.

Improvements can also include editing information in search functions.

Although Google cannot make changes to individual SERPs, it can make changes to certain search functions.

Google gives an example of incorrect information showing up in search results on a recipe card.

How Google improves search results

Google can manually edit these search features as it sees fit. This usually happens when users are made aware of users' mistakes.

"Every now and then we have to remove incorrect or guideline-violating information from the search functions ourselves.

Sometimes we are made aware of problems based on feedback from our users. Then we investigate what caused the problem, take what we have learned, and keep improving our systems to prevent it from happening again. "

Google closes the video by confirming that no system is perfect. However, the company strives to make improvements every day to help people find what they are looking for.

See the full video below:


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