May 19, 2020


Erica Perry


One of the biggest adjustments companies have made to COVID-19 is how they support the community. While personal events remain during the break and the vast majority of the workforce, with the exception of the essential workforce, continue to work remotely, the binding question arises of how we can involve our professional communities.

We are experiencing a fundamental change in human behavior and the introduction of technology, and leading platforms are acknowledging this by contributing to the solutions that enable us to master these unprecedented times.

Doubling of virtual engagement

LinkedInFor example, it doubles how virtual engagement can be promoted by introducing a new survey feature that allows users to read opinions and get feedback. and a new LinkedIn Virtual Events tool that allows users to create and broadcast video events through their platform.

Global pandemic or not, real-time interactions are the heart and soul of relationships, and these relationships are more critical than ever for long-term success and the elimination of disorder. For this reason: “… We have decided to provide you with a closer integration between LinkedIn Events and LinkedIn Live and to transform these two products into a new solution for virtual events that will keep you connected to your communities and your customers everywhere can meet." Ajay Datta, Product Manager, shared on LinkedIn in India official blog post.

The Merge: LinkedIn Live and LinkedIn Events

At a high level, integration helps brands in four core areas: organize events in secure, trustworthy online environments, attract the right specialist audience, generate enthusiasm and ensure longevity by keeping the conversation going.

Use LinkedIn Live to stream your page followers or event attendees live so you can reach them where they already connect. An additional advantage? Administrators can access third-party broadcast partners, such as: Stream again, Wirecast, Streamyard and Social.

To simplify the announcement process, the new update also makes it easier to share your event with your site followers and get direct invitations to your first-degree connections. To keep the hype going, post an update on your page or event feed and share recommended key contributions that attendees can read.

When the event is over, you can resume the conversation by archiving your content on the Video tab – a dedicated hub for a page's organic video content that is accessible to all members of your community.

The big advantage: With elements such as direct invitations, companies can only direct their virtual events to those who have decided to participate, or to their page followers, and keep the associated event discussion and all additional content on a specific page if they try to intentionally connecting and being authentic in an age of social distance, cohesion and personalization contribute significantly to increasing your audience.


After being discovered during testing last month, LinkedIn has officially launched its new native poll option, which provides another way to collect feedback and encourage engagement on the platform.

Here is a video that illustrates the offer:

As shown, surveys can be created with up to four answer options. You can keep your survey live for 24 hours or up to two weeks, as needed. Surveys can be shared with your connections or specific groups – the latter, according to the platform notes, could be particularly useful depending on the quality of engagement and membership.

Two important differences that distinguish the LInkedIn surveys from those on other platforms: The respondents, who are an important part of the adjustment, can also include comments and reactions in their answers. Second, as a survey creator, you can also add a personal touch by writing an accompanying introduction with hashtags for SEO purposes.

In terms of metrics, you can track the results in real time and evaluate key insights such as the winning option, the percentage of votes for each option and the total number of votes. “Curious why someone voted in a certain way? Message to them directly from the survey. It's a great way to gain deeper insight and stay in touch with your connections, ”said Howie Fung, product manager, in the announcement. This could also affect your segmentation or future targeting strategy.

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