July 7, 2020


Erica Perry


Brands are a central part of the Tick ​​tack Find out whether they use the platform to be at the forefront of emerging trends, to connect with impressive communities, or to raise awareness of critical health and social issues such as a global pandemic and racial injustice. Just look no further than that #DistanceDance Campaign with TikTok-Star Charli D’Amelio As an example of how TikTok continues to use its authentic spirit to offer users new ways to discover IRL, get involved and make a difference.

With that in mind, TikTok recently announced a new brand and platform specifically designed to help marketers and brands succeed. The platform called "TikTok For Business" will serve as a home for all current and future marketing solutions for brands. This includes ad formats such as TopViewThis is the display that appears when the TikTok app is started for the first time.

An audience for every voice

“The magic of TikTok is not only the chance to create, but also the chance to discover – and to be found. With TikTok For Business, we want to give marketers the tools that can be discovered and connect with the wider communities in their area, ”said TikToks Managing Director for Global Business Marketing. Katie Purisin the official announcement. "For brands, this opens up a whole new window in which they can create content that appeals to people, can invite the community to participate in the conversations, and … create TikToks," she added.

In line with the advertising slogan "Make TikToks – Not Ads", the core task of TikTok for Business is to encourage marketers to focus on more meaningful topics such as creativity, expression, unity of creator and brand, inclusiveness and a participative community Put.

Brand effects, in-feed videos and hashtag challenges

Business for TikTok’s new features and updates include brand acquisitions and a Branded Effects Affiliate Program this creates seamless augmented reality experiences between the brand and the audience.

With the help of partners including Tommy, Subvrsive, and Bare Tree MediaTikTok launches a new AR effect called Brand scan. With Branded Scan, brands can essentially play a more important role in creating content behind ads. In particular, by activating visual effects such as a brand logo or a tape product in 2D or 3D videos of a user. These can also be combined with Hashtag challenges to encourage engagement. At a time when we're faced with an over-saturated attention economy, it is all the easier for brands to engage in a conversation that users are already actively participating in – and this will only become more important for our marketing decisions.

Separately, Brand acquisitions This includes three to five seconds of advertising with an image or video, while in-feed videos are longer, so brands can have up to 60 seconds of storage and work with audio.

Maximize your videos

In addition to being creative, TikTok is also aware that brands need to align their goals with the data. With this in mind, the company recently worked out the three key elements that inform what videos appear in a user's feed: user interactions, video information such as subtitles, certain sounds or songs, and hashtags, as well as device and account settings, including language settings and mobile device type.

While the platform, like many others, is largely aimed at showing users more content based on their engagement and interests, it can also show something extraordinary to promote diversity. "Our goal is to strike a balance between suggesting content that’s relevant to you, helping you find content, and creators who encourage you to explore experiences that you might not otherwise see, "TikTok said.

Some important insights from these insights: When creating TikTok content, note that each post is rated independently. By keeping up to date with the latest conversations, you can connect with a larger audience. Greater reach depends on viewers watching your videos in full.

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