Hosting an Instagram Stories acquisition is one of the easiest ways to get new followers and build your brand on Instagram.

And the best part about it? They are a win-win collaboration for brands and influencers.

If you're thinking about acquiring Instagram Stories but aren't sure how to do it, this post is everything you need to know.

We also have one free downloadable checklist to keep you up to date!

What is an Instagram Stories Acquisition?

Instagram stories In the case of acquisitions, someone usually takes over your account temporarily and is often used to showcase new products or services.

For example, brands usually invite a content creator or influencer to take over their Instagram stories for the day.

Do an Instagram story takeover

During the takeover, the creator usually shows how they are using a brand's products or services, providing valuable "real life" context. This is especially good for styling inspiration and beauty tutorials.

Alternatively, you can take over someone else's account – usually a like-minded brand with an audience similar to your own.

This is a great way to reach new, relevant audiences.

Whether you're handing the reins of your account or following in someone else's footsteps, adopting Instagram Stories is a great way to increase awareness and drive sales.

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Why do Instagram story acquisitions work so well?

Instagram story acquisitions can be a powerful way to increase brand or product awareness through third-party endorsements while still being authentic and engaging.

For example, a later customer STYLE regularly invites women entrepreneurs to show off how they use their planners and magazines for their stories and provide a real narrative for their products.

By lending their account to other women, STIL remains true to its mission of supporting women-run businesses by providing a platform. At the same time, they're building an online community and providing social evidence to potential new customers they discover.

How to do an Instagram story takeover

Discover how STIL has used Instagram to build a strong community and increase sales Later case study.

How to Perform an Instagram Stories Acquisition

Adopting Instagram Stories can be fraught with benefits for brands, but it does require some careful thought and planning.

To help you get started, here are step-by-step instructions for a successful acquisition:

Step 1: define your goals

Setting clear goals at the beginning of your acquisition is a solid foundation for all of your decisions, from partnership to content that will work best.

For example, if your goal is to raise awareness of an upcoming sale, you might want a takeover that will highlight a promotional code.

How to do an Instagram story takeover

If you want to reach an international audience, you may want to partner with an influencer who has a strong overseas follower base.

Having well-defined goals will make your campaign clearer and keep your ideas updated throughout the creative process.

Step 2: Create a selection list of the takeover partners

Choosing the right partner is key to successfully adopting Instagram Stories.

As mentioned earlier, setting clear goals makes it a lot easier to identify the right partner for your acquisition. However, it's also important to choose a strong storyteller who is a good fit for your brand.

When creating your shortlist, keep in mind the number of followers an influencer has, whether they work with other brands, their areas of expertise, the types of content they share in stories, and their demographics.

If you're not sure where to start, check out who's already talking about your brand online. An organic ambassador can be much more authentic and real and already knows and loves your products.

When you find an influencer who feels right, you can ask them to share theirs Advertising opportunities about their commitment, their demographics and Partnership fee.

All of these factors should help you decide whether an influencer is the right partner for your brand.

TIP: If your budget is limited, you can ask someone in your company to do your Instagram stories.

SheerLuxe regularly carries out takeovers with her in-house beauty and fashion experts.

Instagram Story Adoption: All You Need To Know

By giving their audience a glimpse of the experts behind the new products, they can demonstrate the personality of their brand and give customers an in-depth rating.

Your team members know your company and its products better than most. So don't be afraid to use their knowledge.

Step 3: Set a start date

Setting a start date for your takeover gives everyone a helpful deadline to work towards.

Ideally, this should be done at least a month in advance to allow for planning, partner negotiation, creation, editing and promotion of content.

Add your start date to your content calendar once it's confirmed so you can seamlessly plan your upcoming content.

TIP: Use Later Calendar Notes function to reserve slots in your content calendar – even if you don't have a scheduled appointment yet!

Step 4: Pitch to your chosen takeover partner

As soon as you have created a selection list of takeover partners, you can contact us.

State your brand, your acquisition concept and why you think this would be a great partnership for both of you.

If you want to create truly organic content that is valuable to both your and the audience, think outside the box when it comes to your pitch.

Product reviews, redesigns, day in life vlogs, vacations, and Q&A are popular takeover topics – but brands are becoming increasingly creative to stand out from the crowd.

For example, Shinier recently invited the founder of West Bourne Café to create product-inspired recipes in an Instagram Stories acquisition.

Step 5: Provide your takeover partner with a list of booking guidelines

The best Instagram Stories acquisitions are when the acquisition partner has the freedom to share their personality and creativity on your account.

Nevertheless, it is important to set some parameters.

Setting your expectations in writing is one of the best ways to avoid disappointment and unnecessary stress.

Give your takeover partner advice on the topics you want to cover, format ideas, specific hashtags or handles you want to look at, and other topics trackable links You want to use them.

In addition to the content requirements, provide:

  • Specific recording requirements (such as lighting conditions, background, background noise)
  • The delivery time
  • How should the files be delivered?
  • Edit requirements (like text, GIFs, subtitles)
  • Any ad Disclosure conditions

TIP: It is safer and more secure to ask your partner to deliver content to you in advance than to give the login details to your Instagram account.

If you're on one Later Gowth or Advanced Planyou can use Contributors to make this process even more rational!

Ask your takeover partner to upload their media (even if they don't have a later account) and curate the posts by selecting only the media you want to use.

From here, any content they've shared with you can be added straight to your media library planned for your Instagram stories.

Keeping all of these details in writing and giving them to your takeover partner in advance can be an extremely helpful resource for both parties throughout the campaign.

Step 6: Prepare takeover assets

Once your takeover partner has delivered their content, it's time to review it and make sure it matches yours Brand aesthetics.

If it's not quite up-to-date, there are tons of great apps out there to help you tweak your takeover content.

Whether you need to change the size, add text, Captions, Animations or music there is one Video editing app to help you along the way.

Also remember to add or use filters, GIFs Instagram stories templates so that the transfer content fits your overall content Brand aesthetics.

It's also a good idea to set the scene for your viewers by creating an intro and exit slide for your Instagram Stories takeover.

This can be as simple as what your takeover partner imagines and signs out at the end, or you can use a design app (ex about, Mojo or Canva) to create a more jazzy intro slide with animations.

In addition to introducing your takeover partner, make sure to share valuable context about why you're doing the takeover and what benefits viewers can get by tune in.

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Step 7: Promote Your Upcoming Instagram Stories Acquisition

Spreading the word about your upcoming acquisition is one of the best ways to attract more viewers!

Announce the upcoming acquisition on your feed and Instagram stories (you can even use the Countdown stickers for additional hype) and ask your acquisition partner if they mind doing the same.

Instagram story acquisitions are a great opportunity to tap into a niche audience and get followers from your acquisition partner's account. The more they promote it, the better!

You can also transfer the word to your other social media accounts. Use your takeover of Instagram Stories to entice followers from other platforms to check your Instagram too.

Step 8: schedule your Instagram stories to take over

Once your takeover content is fully prepared, you can use to plan and plan your content in advance Later Instagram Stories Planner.

This is also a great way to storyboard and visualize your takeover stories side by side so you can make sure your content is flowing perfectly.

When it's time to post, all of the contents of your Instagram Stories (your photos, videos, captions and links) will be sent to your phone. You can then add any final stickers to encourage engagement and you're good to go!

Step 9: add your highlights

Saving your Instagram Stories acquisition after they are finished is just as important as the acquisition itself. One of the best places to do this is yours Instagram Stories Highlights.

how to have a successful Instagram story takeover

Posting your acquisition in Highlights is a great way to keep your acquisition content visible once the 24 hour story window is closed.

Once your pickup content is saved in a highlight, you can get people to watch it again anytime.

Step 10: Track Your Success With Analytics

By tracking the success of your Instagram Stories acquisitions, you can spot trends, monitor "profits," and create a fine-grained strategy that will really resonate with your audience on future acquisitions.

With Later Instagram Analyticsyou can track the performance of all your stories over the past 3 months.

later instagram analysis

This is a great way to measure the performance of your acquisition versus other Instagram Stories campaigns as Instagram's built-in analytics dashboard is limited to just two weeks of posts.

Make a note of which takeover stories had the most impressions, reach, or responses – and rate what could have contributed to those higher numbers. Did you use a hashtag, mention, or sticker that turned out to be successful?

It's also worth keeping track of which stories had a low close rate – and whether there was a certain point during the takeover where your number of views dropped.

This can be a strong indicator that your viewers have lost interest. This is very useful insight for your next acquisition.

With proper planning, adopting your own Instagram Stories acquisition can be a powerful marketing tool for your brand or business and help you improve your social media marketing strategy this year!

Ready to start? Download Later free checklist for taking over Instagram Stories now!

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