July 21, 2020


Erica Perry


With more people spending time online in times of social distance, competition between platforms is tougher than ever. Everyone strives to take advantage of opportunities to be more accessible, open and attractive to a wider range of users and brands.

Snapchat is no exception and has been working hard to get more brands on board lately. Described as "brand profiles", 30 companies, including Ben & Jerrys, Universal pictures, and Headspacesupport a test of a new update that combines all core technologies and functions of Snapchat in a consolidated area. In return, marketers can expect a more seamless experience for interacting and splitting advertising.

Main components of a brand profile

With new AR lenses, brands can save and present lenses in their profile to get the most out of their AR experience. These can be determined via the Snapchat search and the lens explorer. While giving priority to short-lived content since its introduction, Snapchat has recognized over the years why a degree of persistence can be helpful, particularly for marketers. In this sense, highlights enable companies to reuse posts uploaded to their public snaps, including stories, photos, and videos. As the platform explained, "This is the best way for Snapchatter unfamiliar with a brand to find out who they are."

Image courtesy of Snapchat

In terms of brand profiles themselves, a public story can take relationships to a new level, but it offers a new perspective to understand the everyday life of a brand. In short, a look behind the scenes that more and more users find reliable, unique and exciting. Finally, profiles include an optional native store experience that allows companies to present products directly in the app provided by Shopify.

"With 229 million Snapchatters using the app every day, this property is particularly important for our partners in a world where it can be difficult for our millennial and Gen Z audience to build deep, authentic relationships on many platforms," ​​said the company in the official announcement.

Supporting brand growth and audience development

In the backend, brand profiles are also equipped with a helpful set of tools to promote internal collaboration and analytical reports, including the demographic data of the target group and the interest to better inform their strategies and content development.

"Brand profiles bring brands a permanent home on Snapchat and open new opportunities for customer discovery and engagement," said Carolina Arguelles, Snapchat's global product marketing manager, in a statement to AdAge. "Through our online business manager, we also offer brands insights into their subscribers that partners can use to learn more about their customers and connect them to the Snapchat community."

For their typical organic social endeavors, most of today's brands use the same type of account as the average user. With the option to create a specific brand profile, there is a new way to learn more about consumer behavior and trends. This is especially important if you are targeting a mostly younger audience of Millennials and Gen Z. As many experts thinking about the update commented, turning away from the impermanence could be the key that helps brands start a powerful learning journey that allows users to choose ads and content, that you want to see and get involved in a way that respects your time and attention.

Focus focus

Brand profiles are not the only step Snapchat has taken recently to make its platform more business-friendly. Earlier this summer, the company launched Snap Focus, aimed at snapless brands who, for example, want a more general understanding of ad management best practices before setting a brand profile.

Similar to the courses “Flight School” from Twitter and “Blueprint” from Facebook, Snap Focus was set up to provide a tactical understanding of how to navigate the app. This includes more comprehensive overviews of The Snapchat Generation and the platform's ad manager, as well as details on measuring and optimizing campaigns and elements for a successful creative. More information about Snap Focus and other advertising tools that you can integrate into your approach can be found here on the Snap Focus platform.

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