December 2, 2020


Erica Perry


In 2020, many brands and platforms have left their comfort zones and experimented how to deliver content on a large scale and create personal experiences. One player that has been moving away from the original focus on intimate communication lately is Snapchat.

Here's a breakdown of what the company has released over the past few weeks and what it could mean for marketers and developers.

With "Sounds" you can make video creations and communication more expressive.

In early fall, Snapchat released Sounds, a TikTok competitor feature that allows users to enhance their Snaps with music from a curated catalog of emerging and established artists. Tracks can be added before or after recording and then shared either publicly, through your story, or directly with specific connections.

To add music before recording videos, select the sound tool, indicated by the music note icon on the right side of the camera screen, and choose a song from the list of recommended sounds. Alternatively, after creating a snap, use the sound tool to insert a song after recording.

The current sounds catalog features "millions" of licensed songs from Snap's music industry partners, including Warner Music Group, NMPA. and Universal Music Publishing Group. Aside from the music, Snapchat is also working on giving users the ability to create their own sounds and add them to Snaps – an update that is expected to be available globally on the platform in the coming months.

Acquisition of the Voisey mobile music app

Snapchat parent company Snap Inc. recently acquired startup Voisey, a mobile music app founded in 2018 that enables users to record short videos with professional vocal effects and producer-provided playbacks. Clips are one minute long and follow the increasingly popular short format that dominates the social media sphere.

Think of this as the musical equivalent of stickers and filters, where users can choose from a selection of custom backing beats, hit the recording, and then customize the content by overlaying their own vocals on the track. In particular, you can add Auto-Tune, Choral, and Spacey, among others.

“We are on the verge of a revolution in music creation in which the lines between creator and audience are blurring like never before. Apps like Voisey are focused on providing tools for consumers to go from zero to 100 faster than ever, ”he said Mark Mulligan Founder of MIDiA research in a statement to Business Insider.

The move appears to follow a trend where apps are more eager than ever to deliver unique creatives on a large scale. For example, Instagram allows users to create high quality photos, TikTok enables short-form videos to be shared, and now the window of opportunity is focused on the next generation of music makers, giving them the tools to collaborate and work efficiently and effectively.

Unveiling of Spotlight, a short video feed

Snapchat took a page from TikTok's Playbook and Instagram & # 39; s & # 39; Reels & # 39; and introduced the short-form video feed option & # 39; Spotlight & # 39; one that showcases the top snaps of more than 249 million users on the platform and provides financial incentives for the most entertaining content. Snapshots in this specified feed will play in an endless loop until the user moves on to the next. Previously, Snapchat users could only see snaps posted by their friends or by publishers in the app's Discover feature.

As part of the push, Snapchat is offering $ 1 million a day in funding that will be distributed to the best Spotlight clips. The app uses an algorithm similar to TikTok to rate each clip based on engagement. In particular, factors such as overall views, viewing time and the number of favorites and shares are weighted. Clips are displayed in full screen mode so the platform should use certain indicators to better adjust the feed over time. In terms of the ways brands can get involved, Snap anticipates that Snap will be serving ads for the product in the coming months.

Instagram's Explore page, TikTok's "For You", YouTube recommended videos, and now Spotlight – it's clear that a discovery engine is no longer just a must, it's a must as developers go to the core of the social Media engagements become. With a focus on exclusive content, these feeds are becoming a key differentiator that will continue to set platforms apart from their competitors in the battle for online talent.

Photo credit via The Verge

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