June 2, 2020


Erica Perry


While digital learning is not "new", it was introduced into the mainstream due to COVID-19, which meant that students and professionals of all ages could rely on digital tools and resources to advance their careers. Platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit and last Tick ​​tack strive to use their communities and technologies to meet these needs and help the public overcome this hurdle today and in the coming months as the country begins to open.

TikTok agreed last month $ 250 million Supporting his community, including frontline workers and small businesses who are severely affected and face major financial challenges due to the pandemic. As part of this effort, the platform led the Creative learning fund to facilitate continuous learning from a distance. In particular a $ 50 million A fund has been set up for aspiring teachers on TikTok, including educators, educators and nonprofits, whose skills and experts can directly support the production of learning content on the video creation platform.


TikTok takes the next steps in his venture and has teamed up with him more than 800 Educational institutions, media publishers, public figures and professional experts from the field at the start of their latest initiative #LearnOnTikTok. The topic includes topics such as exercise, sleep and dental health tips, meditation, instruction in flower arrangements, best practices for agriculture and aquatic life.

At the top of these declarations are creators and organizations, including Aquarium of the Pacific, Headspace, Cyndi Lai, an independent fitness trainer, Upworthy, and Christen Fosque from Hedonia flowers in Chicago, which had to close its shop because of the pandemic.

"The increase in informative, educational and motivating videos alongside memes and art signals a growing interest in content that makes learning more enjoyable," said Bryan Thoensen, Head of Content Partnerships, in the official announcement.

Open up notable experts

Beyond its immediate community, TikTok doubles its resources to be a reliable source of digital learning by engaging experts who can provide inspiration and information at the highest level.

Bill Nye The popular hit series "Bill Nye the Science Guy" will share his insights as a leading science educator, mechanical engineer and CEO of the Planetary Society to bring science to the big screen in a fun, engaging and haunting way. In a similar way, Neil deGrasse Tyson, known for his extensive background as an astrophysicist, cosmologist, planetary scientist, author, and science communicator, will cover topics that focus on the larger universe and space.

Separately, José Andrés, world famous culinary figure, founder of World Central Kitchen and owner of ThinkFoodGroupTikTok will bring his best cooking tips, which he has collected from all over the world Lilly Singh, Host of NBC’S“A bit late“Will provide a weird relief to these difficult times, in addition to tips on how to be seen and stay connected in times of social distance.

Finally the legend Tyra Banks offers unique tips and tricks to make your biggest dreams come true, or as she mentioned in a statement about participating in the Big Fierce Outrageous Goals.

The Creator Learning Portal

In addition to the general lessons, TikTok announced that a new "Creator Learning Portal" has been released that offers insights, tools and best practices for creating high quality content on TikTok. In a first update to the tutorial series, the platform described detailed options for how you can now interact with TikTok on the web, including uploading videos, liking and sharing content with other connected platforms, and accessing Pro accounts Insights via the analytics dashboard.

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