August 25, 2020


Erica Perry


In the past few months, TikTok has gone to great lengths to convey an image of itself as a place of sheer positivity and inspiration – a place deeply rooted in American culture and whose users can express themselves in a toxic-free environment. In particular, TikTok has articulated its stance on hate speech and the eradication of hate, and has discontinued an advertising campaign highlighting the impact of its community.

Counteract the spread of hatred

"In an increasingly divided world, one of the areas that we particularly want to improve is our policies and actions against hateful content and behavior. Our goal is to eradicate hatred of TikTok," said Eric Han, TikTok security chief. recently in a blog post with.

In the update, the platform said that over 380,000 videos have been removed since early 2020, in violation of the hate speech guidelines. In addition, TikTok has banned more than 1,300 accounts for hateful content or behavior, and removed 64,000 objectionable content from the app. While the company admits that these statistics do not reflect a perfect success rate, taking responsibility is an important measure required for long-term success. At a time when relationships are heavily dependent on smartphones and other devices, it has never been more important for a platform to survive to require authenticity and promote digital empathy. This is especially true for TikTok as its fate in the US remains unclear.

How exactly does TikTok help prevent the distribution of hateful content? First and foremost, a strict zero-tolerance stance towards "organized hate groups and those associated with them" is maintained, including reports of white supremacy or nationalism, male supremacy, anti-Semitism and other hate-based ideologies. To regulate this, the platform uses a variety of methods, including redirecting people looking for objectionable material to its policies and rules. The motive behind it is plain and simple – training to think before we post online and improve our digital empathy skills.

Strengthening cultural awareness and transparency

TikTok also notes that its policies are evolving in line with regional and inter-community usage. TikTok is an ongoing learning curve for its security team and understands that not all arcs are used in a negative context. Conversely, they can be used as the term of authorization. In doing so, the platform aims to improve the definition of this line and the distinctions that allow it to decipher whether or not it has been crossed. In short, the app aims to read the room better as the community continues to grow and identify new ways it can support a safe, respectful, and diverse environment for all users.

However, incorporating the development of the term into its guidelines doesn't stop with its own moderation teams. To effectively capture nuanced content such as cultural appropriation and fuzziness, TikTok reaches out to experts within its broader content advisory board and external civil society organizations.

"Our platform is the daily destination for millions of people to express themselves creatively, enjoy fun content and engage with a diverse global community that pushes boundaries." With this in mind, TikTok has set up an information hub and a special Twitter account, @tiktok_comms, to serve as a source of truth. This contradicts the various rumors surrounding the app and provides updates about the company in real time.

"An Omnipresent Part of American Life"

TikTok may be a household name for its personal and quirky videos, but the platform is taking advantage of this unprecedented time in our industry to remind everyone that those individual moments of authentic creativity can lead to much more.

TikTok has launched a new ad campaign to showcase its community's power in spreading positivity. Specifically, by spreading joy and bringing people together while starting careers, building support for the cause, and educating the masses.

“We're only in the middle of the year, but the influence of the TikTok community on all facets of culture – art, food, beauty, fashion, film – is undeniable. We celebrate you, our TikTok community, for making TikTok a ubiquitous part of everyday American life, ”the platform said of the campaign.

From the careers of the D & # 39; Amelio sisters to redesigning learning with nutritious scientific TikToks that Bill Nye himself published on The Weeknd, which brings together more than two million users for a virtual concert in aid of the Equal Justice Initiative, it is clearer than ever that one trend inspires another and it is real power to share our stories, talents and passions.

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