Move to real-time monitoring and performance

Building a robust planning and measurement approach leaves no uncertainty about the success or failure metrics.

It shifts the measurement from a retrospective activity to a real-time management and PR marketing tool that can be used to monitor the effectiveness of the activity.

The increasing professionalism of planning and measurement in PR went hand in hand with a corresponding technological development.

Using social media and social media tools, results and results can be monitored in real time.

In addition to internal organizational data, campaigns can be adjusted while they are active.

Advanced agency communications teams use platforms like Google Analytics and Microsoft Power BI for real-time campaign management and reporting to stakeholders.

Thanks to the BuzzSumo team for asking me to write this article. It's great to see tool vendors actively promoting best practices, not lazy or legacy metrics.

The PR measurement should start and end with organizational metrics. Measure the results, not the results.

Try BuzzSumo to better measure the results and outcomes of your PR activities. It's free for all users for the first 30 days.

About the author

Stephen Waddington is a professional public relations consultant, visiting professor in practice at Newcastle University and author of several books on marketing and public relations. He is also the founder and managing partner of Wadds Inc., a professional consulting firm that works with agencies and communications teams.


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