Instagram Live Shopping will change the way we shop online.

If you thought the days of QVC and teleshopping were over, think again!

We cover everything you need to know about Instagram Live Shopping and how to use it for your brand or business:

What is Instagram Live Shopping?

Instagram Live Shopping is a new way for brands and developers to get products during a Instagram Live Transmission.

Accounts can access it with this new ecommerce feature Instagram checkout Tag products from your Facebook shop or catalog before going live. contextualized Way to shop in the app.

Selected products are displayed at the bottom of the live broadcast screen so viewers can easily tap to buy them.

This fully integrated experience is ideal for brands looking to increase sales and makes it easy for viewers to shop for featured products.

It's a win-win situation for both parties.

For example Tina Craig from @bagsnob shared insightful details on their latest @ubeauty. Product launch and a direct way for your community to shop:

Viewers were able to experience the product holistically and make an informed purchase decision without ever having to leave the Instagram app.

Instagram Live Shopping is just one of many new ones Instagram shopping features to be introduced in the past few months, signaling a big shift in direction E-commerce.

And it's no surprise that Instagram has prioritized Instagram Live 70% more live views from February to March of this year.

Brands and developers have chosen Instagram Live in response to social distancing restrictions, which has created an entirely new trend in interactive digital content.

In addition, Instagram live broadcasts can now be broadcast displayed on the desktop – Bring the experience even closer to yesterday's QVC-like TV shopping channels.

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Why is Instagram Live Shopping so effective?

Going live on Instagram is one of the best ways to get in touch with your followers in a direct, transparent, and authentic way.

In contrast to recorded Instagram stories or IGTV videos, Instagram Live is a completely unedited stream that your followers can tune in and engage with. It's a relatable and personal experience.

Instagram Live Desktop

Coupled with a direct route to shopping, Instagram Live offers great potential for companies and brands looking to increase sales.

From product demonstrations to contextual styling tips Shopping are endless!

Not sure where to start with Instagram Live? Check out our Step-by-step guide for businesses and take your next broadcast to the next level!

Who can use Instagram Live Shopping?

Currently, Instagram Live Shopping is available for accounts with Instagram Checkout, which is currently limited to eligible US brands and creators.

News! Shopping on Instagram just got easier. 🛍

All eligible businesses and developers in these US can now use our checkout feature, which allows you to buy and sell products right in the app. Businesses can now sell through Live too, so you can buy products in real time.

– Adam Mosseri @ (@mosseri) August 25, 2020

With Instagram Checkout, customers can tap to view a product and then proceed with the checkout process right on Instagram.

You simply enter your name, email address, billing information, and delivery address the first time you check out.

Instagram checkout

It is not yet known when Instagram Checkout will launch globally, but given Instagram's recent advances in e-commerce and clarity monetary incentiveIt's probably sooner than later.

With this in mind, there has never been a better time to stay ahead of the curve and improve your Instagram strategy.

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