January 12, 2021


Erica Perry


In June 2020, Twitter introduced audio tweets that allow you to record your voice and tweet it to your followers. An advantage? These can also be heard while you perform multiple tasks in other everyday activities, such as B. Checking e-mails or working on a document – comparable to a micro podcast. There are a lot of things that cannot be said or interpreted in text. Therefore, the aim of the platform with the offer is to make conversations more human.

Following this, the company announced its own audio-based social networking product in December and Clubhouse Rival, Spaceswas on the way to beta. This opened up the ability for users to chat in real time using voice instead of text, as they do today. The product is still in beta as the platform fixes technical issues and bugs with the feature, but also the more complex issues that arise when hosting live audio, including moderation.

Twitter announced the acquisition of the community-focused podcast app. Breaker. Here is a breakdown of the latest information.

What is breaker?

Since its inception in 2016, Breaker's Mission has focused on influencing the perception of audio and disrupting the norms of podcasts as audio feeds and podcast apps as productivity tools. Instead, Breaker painted a picture of podcast apps as an experience to build a community around. In particular, Breaker users have the opportunity to like and comment on their favorite episodes, discover new podcasts that match their passions, follow friends with similar interests and preferences, and share their favorite shows with their other social media platforms for conversation to stimulate.

Shaping the future of audio

Breaker co-founder Leah Culver went to Twitter and shared her enthusiasm to shape the future of audio through and build Twitter Spaces as CEO Erik Berlin emphasized his vision to help the industry redefine and reinterpret traditional podcasts.

On the Work News, I'm joining Twitter to help build @TwitterSpaces! 🥳 While I will miss @breaker very much, I am thrilled to be of helping you shape the future of audio calling. https://t.co/0Y8fkbCIFm

– Leah Culver (@leahculver) January 4, 2021

"We are really enthusiastic about audio communication and we are inspired by the way in which Twitter enables public conversations for people all over the world," said Berlin in the official announcement. In his own article on Medium, he said: "We are now inspired to imagine even more how we communicate with one another, beyond the scope of traditional podcasts."

Twitter engineering is in a separate thread Michael Montanoreiterated his enthusiasm for using the backgrounds of Berlin and Culver to "improve the health of the public conversations in our service". He added, "Both Erik and Leah have founded and sold startups and will bring entrepreneurship to our engineering organization."

🚨🚨🚨Excited to share some news. The @breaker team, @sferik, @leahculver and @emma_lundin, join Twitter. 👋

– Michael Montano (@michaelmontano) January 4, 2021

According to TechCrunch, Berlin was previously the founder and CTO of social advertising company 140 Proof, which was sold to Acuity, while Culver previously founded Pownce and Grove and co-authored the web technologies OAuth and oEmbed.

"As an entrepreneur, she was at the forefront, testing ideas in multiple waves of online conversations and publications. Pownce and Convore were exciting and ahead of their time in many ways," said Montao of Culver's efforts to push for more open standards in recent years .

Podcasting: the new tech battlefield

With the ups and downs of technology, there seem to be areas that receive targeted traction. Podcasting is that space today. Look no further than the giants Amazon, Google, Apple and Spotify.

Amazon $ 300 million Takeover of Wonderful, Sirius Bought Stitcher to the $ 300 millionnot to mention Spotify & # 39; s purchases from anchor, Hand drill, Parcast, megaphone, and The Joe Rogan Experience – one of the most popular shows on the scene. Regardless of these offerings, however, Twitter's game is unique in that its sales aren't focused solely on the podcasts themselves and the content, but the Breaker sales are made up of people and technology with the larger goal of cementing Spaces as a viable proposition for marketers and User.

Photo credit via Breaker.

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