I just got this email from a rocking blogger:

"Good evening, sir,
Hope you and your family are fit and running. Actually, I've listed mine
WordPress Blog [insert site name] for sale on Flippa. Here are
the most important statistics of my blog,
Niche – Investing & Blogging
Domain Authority – 14
Page Authority – 33.
If you are interested, please place your bid in the auctions
from $ 1.
Kind regards,"

I appreciate this blogger. I love their rush. I am not sharing this in order to criticize the individual. I do things with love.

I copied this particular email because it explains why few bloggers make money online.

If you think, feel, and act like a blogger trying to make $ 1, you will make $ 1 or $ 0.

If you think, feel, and act like a blogger with a fun, liberating intent on circling the globe or blogging from home with your family, you will eventually make enough money to realize your dreams of orbiting the globe or work to realize at home with your family.

Let's jump into this rocking blogger's head. He-she sets the goal: to make $ 1.

Bid at $ 1. The person knows, based on low blog metrics, bidding starts at $ 1. OK. Cool. But how can you ever make a full time income online selling websites for $ 1? How can you freely orbit the globe when you cut the blogging income limit so much that bidding for a website starts at $ 1?

Once again; I love you guys so I'm honest with you guys. Unfortunately, I only tell the truth to people who are important to me 🙂

The easy way to make more money blogging is to develop your abundance consciousness. Gosh, I have more than enough e-books on the subject. Here is one. But basically, developing your abundance consciousness means feeling abundant, rich, and grateful as you face, feel, and let go of poverty-conscious fears in your head.

In 2016 I created and published this blogging audio course:

11 Basics for Successful Blogging

I charged $ 35 for the course because deep fears about the course came to mind. I thought like a poor person regarding the course. I was expecting basically nothing to get out of the course, really. Of course, I've done what broken people do: basically asking nothing for the value you offer.

Finally, I triggered deep fears of money and discovered them. I then felt better about the course. I charged $ 100. Then – years later – I recognized the value of the course. I had even more fears. I charged $ 350.

Same course content, but different way of thinking. I fully realized the tremendous worth I shared and the dream life I lived justified a price tag of $ 350. Making money blogging gets a bit easier when you're charging $ 350 for a valuable course while charging $ 35 for a course you don't think is fancy. My mindset made all the difference. Your mindset makes all the difference in your blogging campaign.

Raise the level. Face fears of money. Feel it. Let go of them. Appreciate your work. Watch what bloggers in your niche are asking for products and services. Develop the skills needed to calculate rewards and prizes. Earn the right to make more money. Raise the bar on your skills by practicing your craft, then raise the bar on your prices.

Never sell yourself short. Never load up peanuts for products and services. No blogger exempts themselves from charging $ 1 for a website or $ 5 for valued services on offer because of the human lifespan you may be running out of time. Think about it; If you do 20 jobs for $ 5 per rental per day, you will get $ 100 per day. Are you serious? Try slavery, effort, and pursuit by doing 20 jobs for $ 5 a day for 10 years. You will burn out and quit before you can make a decent living. You don't make enough money to make a living, let alone blogging around the globe for years.

Polish your skills. Develop your abundance consciousness. Develop the skills and confidence needed to calculate $ 100, $ 500, or $ 1000 per job. Set yourself free. Stop blogging about peanuts. As your skills, confidence, and clarity increase, so do your prices, services, and blogging revenue.

It all depends on your mindset.

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