How Yankeekicks changed sneaker culture through social media

How Yankeekicks changed sneaker culture through social media

Yankeekicks Chunky Dunky Nike SB Dunk Original image from the Yankeekicks IG account

Without question, Yankeekicks' on-foot images of early publications and rare sneakers have revolutionized the way other blogs have started reporting their articles. Mainly by using it and its pages as a reference. The best and newest example would have to be the unveiling of the heat activated Civilian x Nike SB Dunk Low. The ability to have reliable and consistent content opens up opportunities to collaborate with other big names in the sneaker culture.

Yankeekicks On Feet Civilist x Nike SB Dunk Low Heat Activated CZ5123-001 Black / Black / Green / Blue / Red / Yellow Yankeekicks On Feet Civilist x Nike SB Dunk CZ5123-001


Reporting on sneakers can seem straightforward, but there are many nuances that are required to create good content. It's not just about being the first to report, it's also about the best quality photos and the most reliable information. The creation of original content is also critical. Disassemble sneakers Real Vs. Counterfeit It's not just about the hottest shoes on the market right now, it's also about what to look for when selling or reselling them.

Real vs Fake CLOT x Nike Air Force 1 Yankeekicks Real versus Fake CLOT x Nike Air Force 1


Yankeekicks recently launched an official business Resell selections from his personal collection as well as new publications from his private sources. This gives their audience a whole new way to interact with them by becoming VIP members. This gives you selected access to some of the rarest of his finds. In addition, new content is always displayed on the blog, IG and YouTube pages. Reselling can be difficult if you are not seen as a reliable source. Yankeekicks is constantly scrutinizing and never selling anything they don't think is authentic.

Yankeekicks Store Image pulled from the Yankeekicks Store

Social media and YouTube

For some sneaker bloggers, writing is only half of what they do. Making money by contributing to culture in the age of social media, as well as social distancing, means making the changes necessary to keep up with your audience. Unboxing video has become a staple of Yankeekicks, much like his photos on foot. That of course moves us to the other social media platforms like Instagram. Creating reelz, stories, and religiously updating posts with photos and announcements in amazing quality via freebies is an absolute must.

Yankeekicks YouTube Channel The picture was taken from the Yankeekicks YouTube channel


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