Affiliate marketing is a trend that is growing continuously. With it, more communities grow. If you've ever read Attila's blog, you know that he launched a paid forum. I've already talked about the two most popular Afflift vs STM forum already in this post.

Today I'm going to talk about Attila's forum iAmAffiliate. It's a very detailed hardcore forum in the opposite world of white hat. If you've read any of Attila's blog posts, you know that it breaks down his strategies. So much so that his blog post is primarily intended for the visual reader.

When I visited, we had a discussion about online marketing gurus. Why don't most of them do what they teach? It is amazing that gurus make most of their income from information they do not know. Much of the content is outsourced or licensed. This is why forums are so amazing because the forum owner is there to help and turn out to be an expert and help everyone with their questions.

In the video we recorded we talked about how there are gurus and people who know their shit. There is a difference between these types of people, people who use their strategies and those who read about it and repeat it. I am glad that Attila and I have the same perspective on what a guru is.

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I bring up this topic because Attilas I am Affiliate-Forum is not a BS-Forum. He really loves online marketing and media buying. As you can see in the video, we have a passion for it. Attila shows it even more in his forum, just as he would break down a strategy for his members. They thought his blog post was informative. The forum has extensive information on how he runs his campaigns and how you should do it.

Gurus just send a PDF, then take your money and run. iAmAffiliate is a forum dedicated to bra marketing, but any aspect of marketing can be used for WH too. I just need to know when to dial into the strategy.

Now the forum is not a hardcore bra, but there are workarounds such as: B. Account suspensions and retargeting. Attila breaks down every part of the basics and how to get around them. Most of the content consists of detailed information on how to run PayPerCall and FB workarounds.

If you are a member you even get access to all of his e-books. Here are just a few of them.

As you can see, an insane amount of information is already provided without searching the forum. The e-books are a great way to focus on a topic or strategy. Then you can easily delve into discussions to get more information out of Attila.

When multiple topics are discussed, find something to do or to start with. It is important to have a goal in mind as there are many strategies out there to work in online marketing. I say this to anyone who wants to join some kind of forum. People get lost in the information and just want to do anything and end up losing.

Here is a brief snapshot of the forum's topics and details.

One advantage of Attila's forum is that it participates in every thread, even if it only wants to clarify a strategy or to resolve a strategy. Attila is involved and will let you know what you are doing wrong. Its personal touch makes the forum more robust as engaging in your campaign increases the chances of success.

You just have to make sure that you take action regarding his process and strategy. Another difference is the posts of his own case study in the forum for members. He posts specific case studies on his blog, but there are those that are more private and he puts his theories to the test.

Why is that important? … strategies and ideas are constantly changing and it is important to get a new perspective or point of view on a subject. Here's one where he's running a brand loyalty campaign while doing it legitimately. He will test his theory and if it succeeds you can do the same with your brand or campaigns.

Imagine letting Attila test and fail so you can avoid the mistakes. If Attila has a successful new strategy, you can replicate it and use it for your own campaigns.

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How is the Attila Forum really different?

You will be asking this yourself and telling yourself which one to join. Of course, it's natural to ask yourself this, especially if you're spending your money on a forum. The main question is how actionable you are. Attila will push you and give you tons of advice. He still gives me advice on life and campaigns to this day.

It is therefore important to note that you have run campaigns before. If so, I suggest that you join in. Is it comparable to the other forums? IDK, each have their advantages and disadvantages. If you like Attila's blog, you will definitely like the forum just because it's full of information.


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