I was the king of blog comments.

My schedule these days doesn't guarantee my 5 paragraph, in-depth blog comment whopper.

Too busy promoting my ebook, posting to Blogging From Paradise, and guest posting to make these kind of comments.

I still regularly comment on blogs from a real, abundant energy. These comments also boost my online business.

Yesterday I received a message from a travel blogger who bought my eBook. How did I connect with her? Blog comments, of course.

Why an Online Business Builder?

Comments on blogs:

  • Boosts your blog's new business with clicks courtesy of interested readers
  • Build friendships between bloggers; Blogging buddies encourage, support, hire and buy your stuff to grow your online business

I laugh when some bloggers say commenting on blogs is a waste of time. Any medium through which you share value and make friends is not a waste of time. The fact that I was featured on Virgin, Forbes, Fox News, and Entrepreneur was partly due to my real blog commenting campaign.

Follow these tips to grow your online business through blog commenting.

1: Comment on Popular Blogs In Your Niche

Comment from prying eyes. Comment in front of a large number of people.

Post blog comments on popular blogs in your niche.

Get some online business building bang for your money blog comment.

Of course, you can post comments on lesser-known or non-topic blogs, but only a few times a day. There's no point in speaking to small, non-targeted audiences when you can increase your presence in front of large, targeted audiences.

2: Post personalized comments

Use blogger names in blog comments.

My name sounds great to me. When someone puts my name down in comments, it shows that they care enough to learn and use my name in order to address me correctly.

Personalizing blog comments will make you stand out from the crowd of mindless bloggers posting general comments.

3: Write helpful comments

Comment on help.

Although I generally post 3 to 5 sentence comments these days, I put helpful pointers regarding the post in the short, cute, but valuable comments.

Go in-depth or just write a thoughtful paragraph sharing your insights. Add content to the blog post via your comment to help other bloggers and readers.

4: Comment persistently

Comment on blogs at least once a week.

Be a persistent presence.

Friendships, traffic, and online businesses grow with persistent, real blog comments.

5: Avoid drive-by comments

You and I know dry-by comments well:

  • "Hey great post"
  • "nice post"
  • "The author knows his information"

Generic comments come from mindless, careless people who might care less about you, but who certainly want to backlink their blogs.

Refer to at least 1 point in the blog post. Break this point up. Let a discussion begin and show your knowledge.

People are looking for informed, mindful, compassionate bloggers. People shop or hire from informed, mindful, compassionate bloggers. Show your knowledge and care through real, helpful, and personalized blog comments.

6: Don't Use Comments to Promote Your Online Business

Sometimes people try to promote their online business through comments in my guest posts.

Big time mistake guys.

Bloggers view any direct advertising for businesses as spam. That means the comment will be displayed in the spam or trash folder.

Show what you know, not what you want to promote. Be helpful. Comment to serve and connect with bloggers.

Wrap up

Be patient.

Growing your business through blog commenting takes time, but that time is well spent.

I talked about blogging at NYU and have appeared on world famous websites through the power of blog commenting.

Build your online business using this largely ignored medium.


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