Pascal Birchler, a developer program developer at Google who works closely with WordPress-related tasks, used this pal facepalming emoji after quoting this on Twitter: "A good looking XML sitemap brings a better user experience."

Here is this tweet:

“A nice looking XML sitemap makes for a better user experience.” Ps♂️ ​​

– Pascal Birchler (@swissspidy) August 14, 2020

XML sitemaps are not viewed by users and obviously do not affect the user experience.

Google's Gary Illyes also got involved:

I will say no too. This whole thread is a train wreck imo

– Gary ly 理 / 경리 Illyes (@ethod) August 15, 2020

And also John Mueller from Google:

As someone who has spent way too much time creating XSL files for sitemaps ( says o_O 15 years ago) your website is terrible when your users need to look at your sitemap file .

– 🍌 John 🍌 (@JohnMu) August 15, 2020

No, XML sitemaps are for machines, not people. They give machines a good experience but not users a good user experience.

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