Instagram is replacing the Activity tab as part of a global test with a Shop tab for selected users.

The traditional heart symbol in Instagram's navigation menu is replaced by a shopping bag symbol.

Instagram tests replace the tab

Tapping the new icon takes users to the Instagram shop area, which was already launched in May.

Previously only available in the USA, Instagram users around the world can now access the shop area.

Instagram shopping is a place where users can browse and buy products without leaving the app.

Before you have your own tab in the navigation menu, you can access Instagram purchases from the "Browse" section. It is still there for users who are not taking this test.

Updated version of Instagram Shop

The version of Instagram Shop accessible via the navigation menu differs slightly from the previous version.

In this version, users only see products from brands they follow. It's like a personally curated feed with products from brands that a user is already interested in.

Instagram tests replace the tab

The other version of Instagram Shop, accessible from the Explore tab, was designed to showcase products to a wider range of retailers.

Products can be filtered by categories, e.g. B. Beauty, clothing and accessories, living, jewelry and watches and travel.

Some products can be bought directly on Instagram, while others have to be bought on the retailer's website.

The purpose of testing two different versions of Instagram Shop is to find the best way to make the feature available to everyone in the future.

An Instagram spokesman told TechCrunch:

“This is a small global test of the Instagram shop tab that we announced in May. We will use this test to evaluate how we decide to continue to do so. "



Those who are part of the test can find their activity data elsewhere in the Instagram app.

Where's my activity data?

Users whose "Activity" tab has been replaced by the "Shop" tab can be sure that the "Activity" area has not completely disappeared.

If you are part of this test, you will now find the Activity tab at the top right of the main feed (next to the direct message icon).

Don't worry, it's not another repeat of Instagram that permanently removes the follower activity area. This is a step that many people are still complaining about.

This test is not intended to expire the Activity tab in any way. Rather, Instagram wants to attract more users to its shopping area.

Companies of all kinds can list products for free in the Instagram shopping area, which makes it a great way to bring products to more people.

Companies in one of the markets supported by Instagram only require a product catalog and an Instagram company page.



A company's Instagram account must also be connected to its Facebook company page.

By connecting the two elements, the Instagram company page can access Facebook's catalog manager.

From there, products can then be considered for display when shopping on Instagram.

For more information, see the Facebook guide to setting up Instagram purchases.

Source: TechCrunch


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