Instagram is expanding its Instagram shopping capabilities to include other types of businesses – including developers!

The announcement was made along with a number of other updates for Instagram shopping, including the introduction of new "Commerce Eligibility Requirements".

According to Instagram, once the update takes effect on July 9, Any eligible company or creator account can use shopping tags to direct people to their website to make a purchase.

Here you will find everything you need to know:

Instagram shopping creator

Instagram is expanding its purchasing functions to include other small businesses and developers

In recent months, Instagram has announced several new e-commerce features that small businesses can use to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, this update goes beyond supporting small businesses – it extends Instagram's e-commerce capabilities to a whole new category of users: developers.

According to the announcement “wIt doesn't matter if you are a candle company that takes a tour of e-commerce, a musician who sells goods, or a food blogger who expands your own cookware line. “With Instagram Shopping, you can make sales on Instagram.

Instagram extends shopping to creators

As part of this expansion of Instagram Shopping, Instagram is also adding new "Commerce Eligibility Requirements". companies (and now developers) have to meet to qualify for Instagram Shopping.

Here are the updated requirements:

Admission requirement No. 1 for trade: Follow the guidelines of Facebook

First, your Facebook account and your page must match Facebook Terms of Use, Commercial terms and Community standardsand your professional Instagram account must match that of Instagram Terms of Use and Community guidelines.

This is all fairly normal and is mainly about regulating the types of products and services that can be offered for sale on Facebook and Instagram.

Admission requirement No. 2 for trading: Represent your company and your domain

A second requirement is that Companies can only tag products on Instagram from a website that they own and sell.

In other words, you can't use your Instagram account to sell another company's products, like in affiliate marketing. Your account should only include listings for products that are available for purchase on your website.

Admission requirements for trading

Admission requirement No. 3 for trading: is in a supported market

In order to use Instagram Shopping, your company must still be in a supported market.

Note that not all Instagram shopping features are available for supported countries. For example, Instagram Checkout is currently only supported in the United States.

A current list of supported countries can be found here.

Would you like to learn more about Instagram Shopping and how to build your brand? Read our Ultimate Guide, where we explain everything you need to know.

Admission requirement No. 4 for trade: proof of trustworthiness

Your Instagram account must also be trustworthy, including an authentic, established presence.

According to Instagram, this can also include maintaining an adequate follower base, although Instagram does not clarify what "sufficient" means.

Shopping on Instagram

Admission requirement # 5 for trading: Provide accurate information and follow best practices

In order to qualify for Instagram Shopping, your account must contain accurate information about your products. For example, product information listed on Instagram must not contain misleading price and availability information.

Your refund and return policies must also be clearly displayed and easily accessible through your website or on Facebook or Instagram.

In addition to these new requirements, Instagram intends to update its registration flow to give companies clearer guidelines.

New businesses will go through the updated Instagram flow and existing businesses will receive an in-app notification with compliance instructions in the coming weeks.

Shopping on Instagram

What do you think of Instagram, which extends shopping to developers and more companies? Are you planning to use Instagram shopping tags for your posts?

Let us know in the comments!

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