Instagram offers advertisers the ability to post sponsored posts from user accounts through an update to branded ads.

Last year, branded content ads were rolled out to help influencers know when their posts are being sponsored by a company or brand.

The ads look just like organic posts published by the user account. However, they have the "Paid Partnership with (brand name)" tag.

Instagram lets advertisers create posts with user accountsExample of an ad for branded content.

Creating the ads required a lot of coordination between the influencer and the brand. The content had to be published as an organic post first, and then the brand went on Instagram to promote the post as an ad.

Now Instagram wants to streamline the process on both sides.

Instagram is launching a new process that allows advertisers to post ads for branded content without influencers having to create an organic post first.

"Now brands have more flexibility with fewer restrictions when they want to run ads for branded content," said an Instagram announcement

The new method allows brands to create and even publish an ad using the creator's own account. With the consent of the creator, of course.

Learn more about how the new process works, followed by information on additional updates to branded content ads.

Brand content creation process

Instagram's new process for posting branded ads is a three-step process.

Step 1: The advertiser sends the user a request to access the ad creation.


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Advertisers can submit requests for Ad Creation Access by going to Settings> Business> Branded Content> Request Ad Creation Access.

Instagram lets advertisers create posts with user accounts

From there, the advertiser can enter the person's name and submit a request.

Step 2: The creator accepts the request to access the ad creation.

On the creator side, the advertiser's request is displayed in the Activity tab, which is where all other notifications are found.

Instagram lets advertisers create posts with user accounts

After tapping the notification, the creator will be taken to a screen that shows all of the approved ad partners and pending requests.

Instagram lets advertisers create posts with user accounts

Tapping Approve creates a partnership between the creator and the brand.


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The note above indicates what the creator authorizes access to:

“These partners can create ads and submit them for review. Only the ads you approve will be shown. "

Once the request is approved, the advertiser can immediately begin submitting ads for review.

Step 3: The creator receives a notification that an ad has been created for approval.

Advertisers take care of creating the ad, which they then submit for approval by the creator.

Instagram lets advertisers create posts with user accounts

Tapping "Approve" will publish the ad from the creator's account. As Instagram notes on the approval screen, the ad will be served through the creator's account but will not appear on the main profile page.


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If the creator is not happy with the ad, they can always click "Decline". You can also pause the ad after you've approved it.

More updates to branded ads

Not only is Instagram introducing an entirely new process for posting ads for branded content, it's also rolling out the following updates:

  • Branded content ads will run on reels and will be tested live in the coming weeks.
  • Branded ads in stories can now include tippable elements such as @mentions, location, and hashtags.
  • Businesses can now promote branded content posts with product tags.
  • Businesses and creators can set age limits for their branded feed posts on Instagram.

For more information on joining Instagram's Branded Content Program as an advertiser or creator, please visit here.

Source: Instagram Business


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