July 14, 2020


Erica Perry


With the increasing e-commerce revenue as a result of the COVID-19 blockage, platforms are working in every way to make their user interface user-friendly for brands and companies who want to build a digital presence without having a traditional stationary experience. Instagram and its parent company Facebook are leaders in this area.

In particular, Instagram recently introduced a number of ways to do this. This is underlined by the topics of discovery, monetization and discussions about certain products and services.

Make content discoverable via the "Shops" tab

Originally launched in May as part of a larger Facebook and Instagram shop announcement, more users can now expect the new Shop tab to appear in their bottom navigation bar. At a high level, users who use the tab are directed to the current shopping experience in the app, which consists of a list of posts with attached shopping tags. You can filter by specific categories, including beauty, clothing and accessories, home and travel, much like they can on Instagram Explore. Ultimately, additional purchase options will be added as the parent company Facebook involves more companies and introduces more sales options.

TechCrunch marks the new tab with a "shop" symbol that replaces the heart symbol (activity) in the main navigation of the app. However, the activity feed is still available by switching to an icon in the upper right corner next to it, the icon of a "direct" paper plane, or by going to their profile and tapping the heart icon. For more general insight into setting up a Facebook shop, check out this new blueprint training course that the platform recently launched.

Maximize your IGTV efforts

Earlier this spring, Instagram announced some important changes to its IGTV app, including an important cross-promotion update that plays the first 15 seconds of the video with the rest of the available content via a "swipe-up" link, as opposed to freezing. Frame from the clip. The platform also introduced a major overhaul of IGTV viewing options on the Discover tab. The primary intent was to highlight top developers, but most importantly, to give users more specific control over what they see, rather than restricting search options based solely on content they’ve already dealt with.

With that in mind, Instagram recently introduced additional options that developers and brands can use to edit the thumbnails and thumbnails of their IGTV videos that appear in the feed. The app also offers IGTV developers the ability to post cross-posts on Facebook Watch to increase awareness of their uploads. With the introduction of IGTV monetization, including ads and bages, through which users can donate to their favorite channels, this is an important incentive for companies that want to double their e-commerce efforts amid the global pandemic and want to strengthen their digital presence.

In other words, marketers want a reason to put resources against another digital app. With other options to generate IGTV revenue, you will of course find more reasons to focus on it consistently. For the context of how much live stream viewership has increased in recent months, Instagram reported a 70 percent between February and March alone.

Pinning post comments

After a test in May, Instagram announced that users can now pin up to three comments in a comment thread. To do this, swipe left and tap the icon that resembles a thumbtack. Each of the three posts you choose to pin will appear under your photo with a "pin" label underneath.

According to product VP from Instagram Vishal ShahThis option allows brands and users to control the tone of conversations. "By highlighting positive comments, you can better control the tone of the conversation," he said on Twitter. From an e-commerce perspective, this is a useful way for those who are building their e-commerce presence to promote great reviews of their product and learn about new buying habits by reinforcing relevant questions and feedback.

Although still under debate, many space experts expect such trends to continue beyond the pandemic. Why? With more and more consumers experimenting with online purchase options and realizing the convenience and efficiency of shopping from the comfort of their own home, they will not return. This will ultimately exacerbate the current growth in e-commerce. In this case, swiveling is not necessarily just about changing direction, but much more directly about moving the needle of a company.


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