Instagram users will soon be able to create stories and save them as drafts for later posting, the company confirms in an announcement.

Instagram has long offered the ability to save regular posts as drafts, while always having to create stories at the time of posting.

If a user starts creating an Instagram story and wants to think more about it before posting, they won't be able to save their work to finish at a later time.

There are several use cases where the ability to save draft stories is a welcome addition to Instagram.

Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, says this is a very sought-after role:

You asked and we deliver … Story drafts are coming soon 📣

– Adam Mosseri @ (@mosseri) March 23, 2021


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Instagram's main Twitter account has also confirmed that this update will be available soon:

Something new is coming 📣

Soon you will be able to finish what you started with story drafting.

– Instagram (@instagram) March 23, 2021

Few details are available at this time, but it is not too early to start thinking about how to strategically use this feature.

How to Use Instagram Story Drafts

According to Instagram, there are 500 million accounts every day that use stories.

Of the accounts that use Instagram Stories, a third of the most viewed content comes from businesses.

Every fifth story receives a direct message from their viewers, making this feature an effective way for companies to stay visible and generate engagement.


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This is not lost to most businesses as over 50% of all business accounts on the site create stories in any given month, according to Instagram.

Instagram stories are also very much appreciated by influencers. A report on influencer marketing from MediaKix finds that Instagram stories are the second most powerful content type – after regular Instagram posts.

With that said, it's worth taking a closer look at the drafts of stories and thinking about how the feature can be used as a tool rather than an afterthought.

Here are some use cases that come to mind.

Create in advance, publish later

The ability to schedule stories gives companies the flexibility to create Instagram stories in advance and post them at a later time.

This can either be done before a big announcement or simply saved to post at a time when a company's audience is more active.

Businesses can create the content when they have the time, save it, and hit the submit button when their audience is most likely to see it.

work in groups

Saving Instagram story drafts can be a useful addition to the workflow of teams managing a single account.

Teams can collaborate on content by adding and editing draft stories before going live. Similar to how teams would work together on a WordPress post or Google Doc.

If you're a marketer working for a client who wants to review content before posting, drafting makes it easy to approve stories.


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Think about it again

Some content is better left in the drafts, but we often don't start guessing our own content until after it's been created.

If you have any concerns after creating a story, instead of deleting it, you can save your work soon and review it later.

Look for this small but useful addition to Instagram that will be available in the near future.

Sources: Instagram, MediaKix


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