It's been a busy couple of months here at Hootsuite and I'm excited to share the updates we've made to the Hootsuite product as we also adapt to our new world of remote working.

For starters, our customers will know that we recently released a completely new user interface. It was an integral part of delivering a modern, cohesive, and seamless user experience. We've listened to what our customers wanted and I think we've achieved this and more, but it's not the only change we're looking forward to.

During the quarter, we focused on developing features that our customers can use to increase their social impact. Social influence is about the value you can offer your audience. When done right, it can be a powerful force in building a brand.

Hootsuite helps by simplifying the following:

  • Create value-driven content that engages your audience
  • Share messages that encourage your community to keep the conversation going
  • Engage your audience in a way that makes them feel personally connected to your brand
  • Encourage your followers to take action based on your messages

Let's see how some of our newest features are helping customers increase their social impact.

New publishing options for Instagram

A third of the most viewed Instagram stories come from business profiles, which makes it a very important channel for our customers. For this reason, we made it our mission to work with Instagram to integrate stories into our platform.

You can now schedule Instagram Stories across your entire social calendar, work together to make sure your posts are branded, and share them on mobile when you're ready – all in Hootsuite.

More brands than ever before are also using carousel publishing. Starting this fall, Hootsuite will allow you to create and schedule up to 10 pictures or videos in a single Instagram post and share them on your phone.

Our goal is that these Instagram posting options allow you to spend more time creating content that your audience will appreciate.

Better community management with Twitter

It's now easier to build that important trust and develop deeper connections with your followers on Twitter. With real-time updates of Twitter direct messages in the inbox, you can react faster and review your team's overall performance with metrics like incoming messages, mentions, post-post responses, and DMs received in team analytics.

Integrated social selling

Sellers are increasingly seeing the value of engaging with their buyers through social media, and using Hootsuite is an efficient way to manage those relationships. That's why we added Amplify, our social selling platform, to the Hootsuite dashboard with a consistent and intuitive navigation.

For example, we simplified the workflow by adding Composer Amplify. Now you can post to Amplify in the same place you designed and posted for your company's branded channels. From there, simply navigate to the Amplify leaderboard in Analytics to monitor and scale your successful social selling program.

Make social listening easier

Understanding conversations online can be difficult, but we've got some new features to make the insights you need more accessible. These are part of Brandwatch's Hootsuite Insights, a platform that we released earlier this year and that we're still refining.

We heard from some users that error messages in the platform's search were difficult to understand and correct. To help you, we've made it clear which part of your search needs to be tweaked to find the mentions you want. These useful tips will help you fix syntax errors and make future searches easier.

The second update we'd like to release next month is Iris, your new personal assistant when it comes to understanding conversations on social networks. Iris uses AI to take the guesswork out of social listening and helps you understand spikes in mentions by determining the cause from your saved searches.

Analysis improvements

Hootsuite Impact users who prefer to see paid and organic results in one place will appreciate this new update. You may have noticed that we've updated the icons for paid sources (now in black) and added additional text to make things easier to read. With these additions, you can see at a glance whether report tiles are from paid or organic sources.

A summary of this new user interface

As I mentioned earlier in this article, I am extremely proud of the work my team has done on the new Hootsuite user interface. When you log in you will find a unified and simplified left navigation that better highlights the core areas of the dashboard, an always-visible button to create on each screen and a redesigned section with tabs in streams.

Overall, we tried to create a cleaner experience with a modern look. And we hope you agree! I encourage you to look around and give us your thoughts.

Find out more

These are some of our biggest releases for the third quarter, but with a lot going on, I didn't get it all.

To get the full picture of all new updates – including features like an improved mobile experience and in-product support – we encourage you to read our Q3 Product Roadmap webinar. And for the latest information, be sure to bookmark our What's New webpage as well.

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