We have officially released the Moz API for Google Sheets and would like to take you on a short feature tour.

With this Google Sheets add-on, users can easily capture Moz URL metrics without having to use code directly on a Google Sheet. There are also some additional functions that you can use to edit data.

If you wanted to have link metrics for hundreds of URLs in the past, you either had to manually enter them one by one, or you needed technical expertise to use the LinkScape API. So I created this free Google Sheets add-on. Now you can get link metrics for these URLs in seconds without coding.

Here are some use cases for the Moz API for Sheets add-on:

  1. Get the Moz Spam Score in metric to help analyze toxic links (paid plan required).
  2. Get bulk domain and page authority to assess the quality of websites for link outreach, domain rating and more (available with free and paid plans).
  3. Use built-in custom formulas to parse URLs, store URLs in the Wayback archive, etc., without writing complicated nested formulas or using regular expressions.

You can expect the following as output from the add-on:


All you need to do is set up a Google account and Mozscape API credentials (a free plan is available).

Important restrictions:

  1. The free plan allows you to capture domain and page permissions for 200 URLs each at a rate of 10 URLs per 10 seconds.
  2. The paid plan enables all metrics for 10,000 URLs at the same time without rate restriction.

Once you've installed the add-on, you'll need to enter your Mozscape API credentials to activate the tool. From there, simply select your metrics and add your URLs to make the report work.

The Formulas tab

There are some helpful custom formulas that come with the add-on. Just click the "Formulas" tab at the bottom of the add-on to view them. As you type one of these formulas, a help file is displayed to guide you.

For example, use the formula = PARSE_URL to quickly parse URLs into the root, path, anchor, and so on, without having to write new length formulas or remember difficult regular expressions.

Stuck? Click the Help tab for additional information.

That's it! We hope you like the add-on and look forward to your feedback.

P.S. A big thank you to Britney Muller and Cyrus Shepard for giving me the opportunity to build the add-on and be incredibly patient / helpful during the process.


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