Take a look at your Twitter feed or BuzzSumo's trending feeds and you will see politics is everywhere. People are naturally drawn to political issues that spark passionate discussions and debates. We all talk about politics, so it makes sense for people to talk about it when you make a big political statement.

And it pays off. Ben & Jerry's political stance not only leads to great social engagement, it undoubtedly contributes to its status as the best-selling ice cream brand in the US. By putting their values ​​first, they have a loyal following, both when dealing with their content and when purchasing their products.

L’Oreal tries to join politics … and fails

Warning: jumping on the political train without real commitment to the cause is a dangerous area. Loreal's Instagram post labeled “It's worth speaking” after the Black Lives Matter protests in spring 2020 sparked a major backlash. Former rep Munroe Bergdorf accused them of hypocrisy after the Bergdorf company dropped in 2017 on the basis of comments on the model created on social media in response to violence in Charlottesville. L’Oreal has come to terms with Bergdorf and is now a member of the company's UK Diversity and Inclusion Board. However, many other companies have also fallen into the same trap and received their fair share of criticism.

The success of Ben & Jerry's policies depends on authenticity

For Ben & Jerry & # 39; s, her content this year follows from her long history of supporting many progressive political campaigns like Marriage Equality – including the release of limited-edition flavors like Hubby Hubby and Apple-y Ever After – and Climate Justice. Being political isn't new to her; in fact, it's just as much in Ben & Jerry's DNA as ice cream.

And today it's not just her values ​​that sit proudly on the sat nav – her entire homepage above the fold is dedicated to her statement that America should become an anti-racist country.


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