Is It Safe to Use Proxies to Manage Instagram Accounts?

Is It Safe to Use Proxies to Manage Instagram Accounts?

Using Instagram proxies can be both safe and dangerous. It depends on what proxy you are using and how you use it. Using a free proxy can be risky as most of them don't implement high-end security technologies, making it vulnerable to hacking.

Since you can't have more than five accounts on Instagram, you can't avoid proxies entirely. Proxies allow you to manage multiple accounts while staying cyber-secure on social media.

Also, without Instagram proxies, you run the risk of blocking your customer's entire social handle as doing so is against Instagram's guidelines.

What are Instagram proxies?

Instagram proxies are like regular proxies that assign a dedicated IP address to your accounts. This lets Instagram take into account that these social handles are being used by different people, reducing the risk of blocking.

If you have staff remotely managing your Instagram handle from different countries it is high to be blocked. This is because security audits consider the connection suspicious and unsecured. Instagram proxies solve this problem by providing you with a dedicated IP address that can be used by anyone you give access to.

A proxy is required for Instagram automation tools. Why?

Most marketers use Instagram automation tools to increase engagement. However, if you use automation to look like a bot, Instagram is likely banning your IP (and account). With a proxy server, you don't have to worry about Instagram's IP ban.

Here are two more reasons to use a proxy for Instagram automation:

  • Localization: Social media marketers know the importance of using geolocation tags to get more attention and engagement. If you're targeting Instagram accounts in other countries, you'll need a proxy (in that location) to view localized posts.
  • Managing multiple accounts: Instagram hates bots and automation tools for recreating people's social behavior. If Instagram finds that you are using automation tools, it is most likely that your accounts will be banned. With proxies, marketers can manage multiple Instagram accounts without arousing suspicion.

What are residential properties?

Residential proxies are real device IP addresses provided by an Internet service provider rather than a data center. All residential proxies point to a physical location so that it looks legitimate.

There are three main types of residential proxies:

  • Backconnect proxies: You can use Instagram at someone else's IP address.
  • Rotating residential proxies: Your IP address changes every five to ten minutes, which increases your security.
  • Special residential representatives: You get access to multiple high-speed home IP addresses.

Regardless of which Instagram proxy server you choose, you can switch to a new IP address if your current one is blocked.

Why should you use residential real estate?

Residential proxies give you a real identity online while hiding your original IP address. It also makes it easy for you to scale your Instagram marketing by allowing you to manage multiple accounts.

Here are a few reasons to use household proxies:

  • If you search your competitors' Instagram handles to see what will resonate with your target audience, there is a high risk of being identified and blocked by the company. Residential IPs eliminate this problem and increase the effectiveness of your social listening.
  • It improves your privacy, security and security by not revealing your real IP address.
  • When you use an Instagram private proxy server, the company sees you as a real person, which reduces the chance of your being blocked.
  • This allows you to use automation tools without the risk of being discovered by Instagram.

Why does Instagram block users with datacenter proxies?

Unlike home proxies, data center proxies come from a secondary company and are not associated with an ISP.

The main reason Instagram blocks users with data center proxies is because they are not associated with any ISP as regular users. This makes Instagram more vulnerable to the existence of a real person behind the account, resulting in a ban.

In addition, data center proxies are mainly used by hackers. Therefore, website security systems block data center proxies as soon as they detect them.

Final thoughts: are Instagram proxies safe?

The answer is yes and no. Yes, as it allows you to hide your original IP address and manage multiple accounts. No, if you fully automate your marketing and use it to spam real Instagram users.

In short, if you use proxies properly, you can manage multiple Instagram accounts with no problem. Have fun with Instagram marketing!


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