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24, 2020

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For entrepreneurs, the only way to know the best techniques to reach your target customers is to run, test, and test further. It's important to work with multiple media, from paid ads on Google and Facebook to video and PPC strategies. However, what many entrepreneurs may overlook is the value of content marketing.

With content marketing, you can invest relatively little overhead capital and at the same time achieve potentially enormous returns. In fact, content marketing executives have seen a 7.8-fold increase in unique website traffic compared to last year compared to companies with poor content marketing strategies. This is a significant difference that can have a big impact on your bottom line. If you want to improve your content marketing initiatives, read the full certification package for digital content marketing.

This 8-course package gives you a deep insight into content marketing strategies and beyond. You will learn how to get the most out of your money on a variety of platforms, from Facebook and Instagram to Google Ads and YouTube. You will receive extensive marketing training with which you can be successful on any platform.

There's even an email marketing course where you can target the right customers with the right messages and learn how to turn occasional browsers into loyal, returning customers. Then dive into the relatively new marketing platforms TikTok and Zoom to make sure your strategy is as relevant as possible. At the end of these courses, you can set up a comprehensive marketing infrastructure for your company without having to hire additional help.

Increase your business on a budget. The full certification package for digital content marketing is available today for only $ 34.99.


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