New Years Day is there for some people and with that, the Google logo or Doodle for New Years Day January 1st is also available to those who access in their location on January 1st, 2021. Google has changed the logo of the New Years Eve Doodle Cuckoo Clock 2020 to a cuckoo clock for New Years Day 2021 January 1st.

Here is a GIF of the logo in action:

Google expresses its New Year wishes with the following message:

"It is time to welcome the new,

The clock strikes midnight and the cuckoo comes out!

All the best for the New Year,

The cuckoo bird is chirping for everyone to hear!

Happy New Year!"

Oh and yes, there is still confetti to celebrate with the day after New Year's Eve – January 1st – New Year's.

Here's a video of the Doodle, if the GIF doesn't work for you:

Happy New Year 2021 everyone!

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