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Jennifer Slegg (@jenstar) has a long history in the SEO field, but is currently quite well known for her editorial work on the Google Quality Raters Guidelines and algorithm records. When Google AdSense started, she had a blog about AdSense and was the guru on the subject. She was also a moderator at WebmasterWorld. So it has done a lot for the SEO community for a long time.

We briefly talked about the good old days with Google AdSense earnings. Then how Yahoo came out with the Yahoo Publisher Network, which paid out more than Google. There are many smaller networks today, but Google AdSense is the big deal.

Now Jennifer is writing down the big changes with the Google Search Quality Rating Guidelines. It is a 160-page document that Jennifer has broken down several times for the SEO community. She finds it fascinating and loves reading about it and then sharing what she learned about it with the community. She feels that SEOs are too focused on E-A-T. Jennifer Slegg said E-A-T is a great way to sell SEO customers, but it's not as big as most think. She said, as Gary Illyes said, there are many baby algorithms to conceive of what E-A-T is, but there is no E-A-T score. It is important to understand that these guidelines are for non-SEOs and ordinary people. So keep that in mind.

We then talked about Google algorithm updates and she said there will always be changes. There are 600,000 experiments, over 3,000 changes in the search each year, so yes, there are a lot of updates, she said. The most important updates are probably important to discuss, but are bogged down by everyone. For every site that contains a specific update, there are sites that work well. So keep that in mind.

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