In the first part, Joe Beccalori and I talked about what has changed in search engine optimization over the years, and here we talk more about what to do.

Joe said the value of organic in itself has gone down, and now you need to mix your organic with other forms of digital marketing.

SEO is much more competitive now than it was a few years ago. Almost every keyword niche you want to target has been tried and adopted. In fact, Joe said often his pricing models work on how competitive things are for a particular niche or customer. Joe said you don't have to expect the same volume and success, but you do need to make sure you are building a better mousetrap to increase conversions. This is where conversions are important, the user experience and what you can do to keep users on your website.

SEO is an industry that is always involved, said Joe. He gave an example to Linksys, the router company, and as the company's CEO said it was all about being one step ahead of the competition. It's the same in marketing, you have to be up to date and take advantage of what's new and working now compared to what worked years ago. Joe gave a few more examples of what to do including technology / core updates, video, and optimizing user response time.

If SEOs are good at anything, it adapts to change.

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