There was an AMA on Reddit with Google's Martin Splitt and one of the smart questions Ryan Jones Martin asked was, "Who would win you, Gary and John, in an SEO contest?" Martin said Gary Illyes would win, saying "Gary, probably" would win an SEO contest.

Gary would also win a fight, but John would be able to overtake everyone, Martin said.

Here are the answers for who would win you, Gary and John in:

  • a fight: "We don't fight, we are nice to each other. But when it comes to it, Gary knows what I think. Be nice to Gary."
  • Bowling: "I bowl pretty well, I think I could take on them!"
  • a debate: "John is the master of debates, I think."
  • a hackathon: "Hackathons are best carried out as teamwork and hey, we are a team!"
  • a karaoke contest: "We all know that my singing voice is phenomenal, so karaoke is mine."
  • One race: "John runs a lot, even in hilly terrain, I won't even try."
  • an SEO contest: "Gary, probably."

There you have it! 🙂 🙂

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My money is on JM. He has a holistic view of things, pretty much everything, which is a good reason why he's our team leader.

– Gary ly 理 / 경리 Illyes (@ Method) July 9, 2020


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