Ken Kurson on music changes during the pandemic

Ken Kurson on music changes during the pandemic

Since the beginning of music, melodies and symphonies have brought joy to many lives. Human culture changed a lot as we evolved into more creative beings. Although the flute was the first instrument for many, there are now thousands of ways that people can express themselves through music. The best thing about music is that anyone can participate. Artists can write texts, but cannot sing a note. Musicians may be experts on a particular instrument, but they also never contribute to the singing. The point is, music can always find a way to make people happier, no matter who you are or what your day job is. For Ken Kurson, a published writer featured by Huff Post and other outlets, music has always been an oasis.

Since COIVD-19 started, a lot of people have written songs about quarantine. As expected, various artists avoid the topic in their songs because they don't want to burden the audience any further. Kurson belongs to a group called Circle. They can be found on Ken Kurson's Youtube, where they create jam covers for their own music or popular songs. Since the beginning of this year, Kurson's group has been releasing music to relieve stress and just have a good time. Of course, everyone is socially distant and safe. This group strongly believes that music is taking a different direction because of the pandemic.

Many other artists like Luke Combs and Bon Jovi have released songs about life in quarantine. Her goal was also to bring hope to her listeners. Combs, who wrote six feet apart, streamed his song in the top 10 charts for over two months. Kurson believes that artists who don't adapt their music to the current climate of social problems don't get as much media attention. In addition to the Book and Film Globe owner, Kurson is also a songwriter in his spare time. It is important for him to be able to resonate with the lyrics. This is important for many others too. Music can be anything, which is why it is so powerful. There are roughly a thousand categories of music on Spotify or Apple Music, the two leading streaming platforms. Ken Kurson sees nothing but a surge in genres due to the impact of the pandemic on everyone.

With Ken's longstanding passion for music and literature, he expressed in the Daily Stoic how stressful life can be at certain moments. For many others, the arts are an escape from a harsh reality. Dealing with the melody of a song can make you feel calm. Gathering yourself together and letting go of negative energy is important no matter who you are and what you are doing. Kurson makes a good point about how there were much worse situations before COVID-19. There was the black plague for God's sake. Back then there was little medical knowledge, and many history books contribute to the health of music.

So much is developing around this pandemic and a lot of people are suffering from it. Kurson recommends listening to music to lower blood pressure or just to "get away" for a few moments. He has a playlist of some of his favorite songs on his Youtube. For him it's sings that haven't changed. Most of them were produced long before the pandemic. That being said, he remains open to aspiring musicians creating quarantine music. He believes that many current artists struggle with getting music out because they want to make sure it is well received.

Overall, music has been a variable of change from the start. It has helped generations of people through hardship and suffering. Kurson says he thinks that's the point of it all; Finding happiness and serenity with music. He will keep updating his channel with music that he recommends and finds beneficial during such a challenging time.


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