Most investors, business people and people from other fields are enthusiastic about cryptocurrency for many reasons. The main cause is leaving the anonymity details of the cryptocurrency. Other causes include fast marketing, low transaction fees and cross-border marketing without third party investments. All of these facts have brought the demand for digital cash to the fore.


So there is a dark aspect of the demand for digital currencies. In this article, you'll discover the top 5 mighty buncos in the crypto world.


Onecoin fraud is the top scam in the world
Demand for digital currency. You have kidnapped many of Onecoin users from
Request fraudulent promises of multiple counterfeit crypto tickets. Unofficial references
show that it was $ 4.9 billion. However, the company's original CEO
skipped since 2017, while the alternate CEO was jailed in the case of
Money laundering and corruption. According to raw data, facts and figures, they were
Dealing with fraudulent academic packages and tickets for looting cash from the


About everyone has heard of the name
Bitconnect. This is one of the best known and most famous bitcoin
Buncos of all time. It was popular for its growth and large exhibition.
Some popular YouTubers have improved this, but it continues
Internet. It aired in 2016 and was discontinued by Texas in 2018
state insurance agency. The board openly declared it a Ponzi program that was
popularly known as the right credit platform. This scam searches 3 million
Dollars from addicts as well as from their constituencies.


Like Bit Connect, Plus Token was also a Ponzi strategy that delivered high return corporate policies. It contributed to a false interest rate policy with a recovery of 9% to 18% from the maximum of the Asian nations. The main patient was from China and Korea. The plus token method was different from Bit Connect. They wanted offline conferences with potential investors.

Because of this evidence, Plus Token had a large customer
Base set up outside of the actual crypto world. But the difficulty started when
Most people were wrong about pulling their money off the platform. The
Strategy tries to hide reality from users by criticizing it
Extractors, but it was discontinued in 2019. It is understood that this is
Fraud is the cause of the elimination of the rate in 2019.

Bitcoin conservation and trust

It was inaugurated by Bitcoin in the earlier years
This was formulated to help inexperienced people. And
Since Bitcoin was different at the time, they are organizing this as a reasonable way to
Betray people. It was inaugurated by tendon razors and popularly as
Pirate. The fact came to light in 2012.

Pincoin and iFan

It is a Ponzi corporate fraud that has committed
Invite an 8% commission to a referral program. New Tech ran this company
and they gathered offline conferences from different parts of India to attract them
People. The iFan department was used to connect with their fame. You can
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last words

Finally, if you want to subsidize in crypto
Then make sure that your inspection of its environment and system. You can
Understanding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency companies from Bitcoin
Epoch. Hopefully the information above will help you figure out whether to stay
away from the likely risk

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