It's been a very busy week in the SEM world this week, a lot of things to talk about this week. Yesterday, Google announced a series of updates. I've broken down what's important to SEO including BERT updates, passage indexing, subtopic understanding, and a lot more. We reported twice this week on ranking fluctuations and tons of complaints from SEOs related to indexing. It is probably all related to indexing, and Google hasn't said it fixed the indexing problem yet. In fact, Google has discontinued the ability to request indexing in the search console, at least for the next few weeks. The Google Search Console had data anomalies with Web Stories and Google Discover. Google's sports scores stopped working properly earlier this week. Google also said that some websites are struggling to get on Google News. Google updated its Search Quality Ratings Guidelines this week after not being updated in over 10 months. The first indexing for mobile phones from Google should actually be called indexing for Google mobile phones only. Bing restarted Site Explorer, but it's new and cool. Bing Webmaster Tools now supports right-to-left languages ​​such as Hebrew. Google Key Moments receives transcripts in video timelines. With Google, you will soon be able to format your selected text using text fragments. Google asks searchers to rate their ecommerce experience on certain websites. Google iOS is testing again how to get rich results on the desktop. Google tests related searches at the top of the page. Google is testing ads in the Google Maps auto-complete suggestions. Google will disapprove of out-of-stock items that are fed through your feed if your landing page shows them as in stock. Google's local wait times are incorrect and out of sync. Google My Business added more items for health and safety reviews. Google launched the Podcast Manager which is really cool. Google will hold its next virtual conference in February 2021. Oh, and if you'd like to sponsor these vlogs, visit That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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