It looks like a big Google search ranking algorithm will be rolled out on August 10th. This isn't a confirmed update from Google, at least not yet. But the chatter has been very high in the SEO community since 2 p.m. ET today. The rank check tools haven't updated yet, but I suspect the tools will show something tomorrow.

To be honest, this reminds me of the old days when Google posted penguin or panda updates. The chatter in the span is off the scales. Either it's a massive Google search error, or Google has brought out something serious with its ranking algorithm in the search.

This maybe started around 2 p.m. ET, but after 5 p.m. ET, SEOs really noticed it. Usually, Google updates take some time to fully roll out and more of you will notice unless Google is putting something back on it.

The comments in my post on last weekend's update are now full of comments for today. Here are some quotes from there:

HUUUUUGE MOVEMENTS Right now. I thought it was just me, but I've checked all my competitors, things are going absolutely crazy right now. Websites from the 6./7. Page are currently number 1 among the search words of the top competitors

Absolutely insane. What is happening now?

I think it's still going on. Crazy movements here too. If it stays that way, I'll be wiped out. Doesn't look like a "glitch", looks like a major update.

Funny, right after everyone got an email about class action lawsuits related to Google+, they do. I have to push everyone to PPC to cover the settlement I think

I am currently seeing big swings, big jumps on a desktop and big drops on a cell phone for one of my UK sites. Buckle up, this could get messy.

The WebmasterWorld forum is also full of chatter:

Has anyone seen a significant drop in traffic today? French websites Yes, a significant decrease in traffic since Monday (e-commerce FR, branded website). I had a big drop on Saturday, Sunday and this morning. Only now at lunch did I notice a significant improvement.

Tourism, USA

Seems like a big update here in Italy.

Every niche I follow is messed up. Shops are gone, affiliate sites are gone, serps are full of Amazon, eBay, and news sites.

wow insanely big update here in Norway, never seen such a big change. What the hell is going on

I just noticed my articles went from page 1 to page 7+

Seems to have just happened in the past few hours! Quite a few of my competitors have all disappeared from the SERPs.

No traffic this morning. Very heavy traffic from lunch until now. Best page view in such a short time since my website was created. Suddenly everything disappeared … Today G is crazy … Serps are full of spam / camouflage / phising websites. Ecommerce and affiliate sites gone. Huge fluctuations in progress.

And Black Hat World has a spike in chatter:

Some of my white hat ecommerce websites seem to have taken a beating in the past three days. What happens guys Looks like a new major update is coming out. Is there another Google update these days? There's something crazy going on in my search terms on the first page. Yes, in any case. I just saw one of my authority sites lose a lot of rankings. Something big is coming or going. IMO, something big is happening. Damn wow. Here we go again. Huuuuge falls. Something HUGE is going on right now – did some checks about 30 minutes ago, did them again, and ALL the top results have changed – like with SEO related searches, ALL SEO vendors are gone, it's backlinko and search engine land and the like up. Done some other searches related to a client and there a WordPress blog, on page 1 – but no companies.

I think this is a MASSIVE update – am in the UK

This is batshit crazy … I see spam sites with cloaker on bitcoin deals on page 1 for really competitive terms. Big moves on my end too. Just happened in the last 3 hours. Charlie Molly, all of my leaderboards are messed up, I hope this calms down, current results don't make sense. Right here in Brazil.

Big drops, even on official websites that "own" the keyword brand and were the first for many years, are now at the bottom of the first page. The first results are rubbish …..

My ranking list was basically deleted. How away.

I just go to sleep now and when I wake up everything will be fine. Correct?

Here are some people on Twitter who ask me:

@rustybrick there is an update every August 10th, seems to be a big update on SERP @seroundtable @sejournal

– Zev (@trezevoir) August 10, 2020

@rustybrick huge update in Italy and other European countries, apparently Google applied a filter to exclude partners and small shops from Serps. 1. Page from amazon + ebay + news sites. Hope this is a test / bug.

– Matteo Giannone (@matteogiannone) August 10, 2020

Enormous, never seen anything like it

– Ronnie Lawson-Jones (@Ronneh_) August 10, 2020

That must be a mistake, right?

– @ ン ト (@minto_seo) August 10, 2020

Seems to be a mistake to me, at least a (bad) test. Affiliate websites have disappeared from competitive niches, ecommerce websites have completely disappeared from local and long-tail keywords. Crazy, crazy .. what's up @JohnMu?

– Matteo Giannone (@matteogiannone) August 10, 2020

Exactly. SERPs look totally crazy.

– Jim Malec (@JimMalec) August 10, 2020

It's huge.

– Ni💤am (@ChaudharyNizam) August 10, 2020

Will the update be permanent? The ranking has changed a lot. This is an incredible update.

– Alper Tunga (@alpANYaakkus) August 10, 2020

The first page is full of eBay, Amazon, Yell. For local keywords, I see inside pages with a good URL ranking. Brands that don't rank for their own products. I've been monitoring one keyword in particular for the past hour and positions are constantly jumping on the go – in the UK

– SEO Hive (@seo_hive) August 10, 2020

Absolutely massive changes. Never seen it on this scale before. Hopefully this only takes a few days to fully unroll and calm down.

– Igor Avidon (@Igor_Avidon) August 10, 2020

Google employees …

– Georgey @ (@ Georgey85) August 10, 2020

Oh well there is a huge random google update @rustybrick @JohnMu

– George Danny Murphy (@george_murphy) August 10, 2020

See some crazy results. Brand terms were popped and I'm ranked 7th for my own company name.

– Marty (@ martyeigner3) August 10, 2020

Directories can be found on page 1 at the moment. My own prom directory is crashing it right now: p

– SEO Hive (@seo_hive) August 10, 2020

Again, it's too early to look at the ranking tools, but something big is going on.

Google has not yet confirmed any changes. It could be a mistake, or it could be a new publication of the Google search ranking, or something else.

I will keep watching things overnight and if I see anything new I will be in touch in the morning.

I hope you see all positive signs.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld and Black Hat World.


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