2020 – where do we start?

While it was a challenging year, social media played an important role in helping companies connect, build online communities, reach new customers, and increase sales.

As you start planning your social media strategy for 2021, we'll be highlighting every cool new later feature we released in 2020.

From planning the first comments for Instagram to click tracking for Pinterest, our tools will help you prepare for 2021 and beyond.

Get a coffee and curl up – it's BIG!

New later functions in 2020

  1. Later the most popular releases of 2020
  2. New tools to manage Social On-The-Go
  3. More ways to get involved with the numbers
  4. The other changes we made along the way

Later the most popular releases of 2020

Let's get started with the headliners! We published 3 huge new features in 2020 Designed to help you create a successful social media strategy and grow your business online.

# 1: schedule a first comment on Instagram posts

Add relevant hashtags Your Instagram posts can be a great way to increase engagement and bring your content to the right audience.

But hashtag heavy label can look distracting (or worse, spam 😱).

With Later Instagram first comment This feature allows you to automatically schedule the first comment on your Instagram posts. And the best part about it? It's available on all paid plans!

Add up to 30 hashtags to your first comment that will be published at the same time as your content. Just make sure your Instagram post is set to "Auto-publish".

TIP: Save time by planning your first comment while you plan your post – and get maximum engagement with your content while you let your caption do the talking.

"Adding an initial comment barely adds a step to my process, but it is invaluable. It helps improve the look and feel of my posts while increasing reach." – Chloe Pederson @ Ranchandcoast

# 2: TikTok – Our Early Access Scheduler is here!

TikTok's popularity grew in 2020 – and not just for teenagers. TikTok offers one serious Opportunity for companies to reach new target groups and increase brand awareness.

And that's exactly why we started TikTok planning in Early Access this year.

Available on our new later Starter, growth and advanced With TikTok Scheduling, you can visually plan and schedule your TikTok posts and create a consistent posting schedule.

Not only do you save time and streamline your process, but you also get a bird's eye view of what your content looks like on all of your social channels.

Schedule your TikTok videos in advance and we'll send a push notification to your phone when it's time to share so you don't miss a post!

And when it comes to Later's plans for TikTok, this is just the beginning. Keep your eyes peeled for 2021 👀.

"It's convenient to keep track of my planning across all platforms and make sure I'm consistent across the board. I also like being able to use the same medium across multiple platforms." – Alison @oneandonlypaper

# 3: Create a stunning feed in just a few clicks with Unsplash

With Later's this year, it just got a lot easier to find quality content to share on social media Unplash Photo Library Integration.

Collect, edit, and schedule stunning images – and create a killer feed in minutes.

Using photos alongside your own shots is a great way to add variety to your feed. And don't worry, we're not talking about cheesy corporate photos – Unsplash is home to thousands of high quality images from professional photographers around the world.

And did we mention it's free? Yes, Unsplash is available through the web app on all subsequent plans, including our free plan.

Not only does this save you a ton of time, but it's also perfect if you don't have the budget for professional photography.

"It's as easy as searching, selecting and adding! If we can later access images, we can add Instagram-worthy photos to our content library with just a few clicks." – Bukola @ Beolori

New tools to manage Social On-The-Go

Social media doesn't stop when you're away from your computer. That's why we built four new tools to make it easy to plan, schedule and manage your social media on the go.

And it doesn't stop there. We are investing even more in the future mobile app in 2021 – have a look at this area!

# 4: bulk schedule in seconds from your phone

Schedule multiple Instagram posts from your phone with just a few clicks with Mobile Quick Schedule.

With Mobile Quick Schedule, available on our iOS and Android mobile apps, you can select recurring weekly time slots so you can easily schedule your posts in bulk.

As you visually plan your feed with the Visual Instagram Planner, the publish times are automatically updated to the Quick Schedule slots you selected.

After you've rearranged the posts and are happy with the way your feed looks, it's time to add your caption, hashtags, and more to each post.

Sticking to regular posting slots is a great way to develop a consistent schedule and build an engaged Instagram fan base.

And good news: Your Quick Schedule time slots work both on the web and in mobile apps, so you can plan on the computer or on the go!

# 5: set up the setup from your phone – auto-posting to Instagram

A small but handy update: you can now enable auto-publishing for Instagram from your phone!

Manage your entire subsequent setup process via the mobile app without having to open your laptop.

Available for Instagram business profiles, Auto Publish is a game changer for anyone who posts on Instagram. Save time by scheduling your content in advance so your posts will be published at the times you choose – no push notifications required!

Once you've turned on auto-publishing, you'll get access to other useful tools later like tagging accounts and scheduling Instagram first comments.

# 6: View your weekly booking schedule on mobile

The calendar view is now available in the later iOS app for mobile devices (and will soon also be available for Android)! Get a clear overview of your upcoming posts and quickly drag and drop them to update your posting times.

Choose a weekly or daily view of your schedule and easily switch between social profiles to view your content on multiple platforms.

In the calendar view, users with paid plans can view back and forth a year, while free users can view back and forth two weeks.

# 7: update Linkin.bio links in published posts on the go

The Instagram bio link is a valuable real estate for directing your audience to content outside of Instagram – and using Linkin.bio is a great way to get the most of it.

But what if you forget to add a Linkin.bio to a post, or discover a typo in a link? 🤦‍♀️ don't worry! You can now update your Linkin.bio links in Instagram posts published through Later – all through the iOS and Android mobile apps.

Quickly update your Linkin.bio links without running to your computer – and make sure you're getting your audience to the right place.

More ways to get involved with the numbers

The numbers are key when you want to see what works (and what doesn't) on social media. This year we've added new tools to help you gain even more insight into your performance.

Relieve your strategy with reliable and accurate reports – all within Later.

# 8: Track Pinterest Clicks and Traffic

Whether you want to attract new customers or more people to your content, Pinterest is a great tool for increasing sales and traffic.

Is Pinterest part of your social media strategy for 2021? Then this feature is for you. Pinterest click tracking This option allows you to shorten your Pinterest URLs and keep track of every click.

From detailed post performance data to tracking clicks right from your Pins, see what content is most effective on Pinterest.

# 9: learn more about Instagram Stories

There is no question – being active and consistent Stories on Instagram are essential if you want to build an engaged audience on Instagram.

This year we've added advanced metrics to Later so you can track your performance, see what's working, and create a winning strategy for Instagram Stories.

Our new metrics include Taps Back, Taps Forward and Story Exit data so you can go beyond the number of views and find out how your followers are interacting with your Instagram Stories.

The other changes we made along the way

Last but not least, we've made a few additional changes here and there to make Later even better this year. ✨

# 10: Creator profiles can access further later functions

Influencer marketing spending continues to skyrocket – so it was no surprise when Instagram rolled out new creator profiles.

Therefore We gave the creators access to a wide variety of features These were previously only available for company profiles. Instagram Creator profiles can now use our Best Time to Post, Conversations, Later Analysis, and Collect features.

Do you have a creator profile or do you want to change? These additional features are designed to help you increase engagement on your posts, quickly gather user-generated content, respond to comments, and track your Instagram performance.

# 11: Cropping and Trimming Video Mail for Multiple Platforms

Optimize your videos for multiple platforms by cropping and trimming your content to the perfect length for each channel 🎬.

In 2019 we introduced trimming and cropping tools for Instagram – and now we've added TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram stories to the mix (plus videos in Instagram multi-photo posts!).

There is no need to manually trim your videos. Just select the "Channel Size" option in "Later" and we'll take care of it.

And when it comes to video length, you've come to the right place. You can also cut the platform to the correct length for each platform with just a few taps.

# 12: Finding and Saving Posts That Mention You (Even In The Comments!)

Sometimes the smallest change can have the biggest impact. You can now collect content from posts that mentioned you – even in the comments section!

We have also added comments to our "Mentions" function.

View all the posts that have mentioned you and add them directly to your media library.

The Mentions feature is available immediately for our new growth and expansion plans (as well as Premium, Starter, and Branded Legacy plans).

And that's a wrap!

Thanks for doing 2020 with us. It wasn't easy, but we are so grateful that you joined us for the ride.

We can't wait to bring you new features from Later in 2021 and continue to help you build a killer social media strategy. Cheers to the new year!

Written by

Emma Shanahan

Emma is the Product Marketing Manager for Later, based in Vancouver. She loves bringing great products to market, traveling and anything to do with food. Follow us on Instagram @ emmashan100


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