Receiving an email from Google notifying you that your Merchant Center has been suspended is a worst-case scenario for any advertiser who uses shopping campaigns to promote and sell their products. All campaigns are discontinued immediately and remain in this state until the Merchant Center is restored. Navigating through Merchant Center suspensions can be confusing and frustrating, especially since direct revenue is affected and your advertising budget comes to a standstill. However, there are ways to proactively prevent and navigate the lock if it affects your accounts.

Merchant Center policies and general reasons for suspension

The first step in using the Merchant Center and shopping campaigns in Google is to pass the first approval process after following the on-boarding guide. Google reviews your items to make sure they meet the requirements. If the check is successful, your products can appear in shopping ads, as Google mentions. Once approved, Google will continue to monitor your products and website to ensure compliance. Ongoing monitoring and review may result in a sudden suspension of the Merchant Center. Once approved, the next step to avoid suspension is to understand and stay up to date with Google’s shopping ad policies Counterfeit goods, products that Google considers dangerous, and inappropriate content can result in suspension. Practices such as misuse of customer information or misrepresentation of your company or products can also lead to shutdown.

The main reasons for suspending the Merchant Center are:

  • Copyrighted content and brands: If you are legally authorized to sell products for another company, such as a seller, third party, or otherwise, it is recommended that you fill out a third party authorization form for each brand that represents your ecommerce website before Google submits your account checked. This is an important area where you can work proactively with your Merchant Center.

google ads authorization form for third party brands and copyrights

To ensure that you are effective and efficient in your efforts:

  • Know the right contact. If you don't know who the responsible contact person (POC) is, you can ask your POC directly from the company. Your Google Account POC also has access to the contact information of the copyright holder's representative.
  • Send the form to each of your suppliers / partners
  • Screenshot of the steps and assure them that it is a quick process
  • Contact them to ensure completion
  • For more information on a third-party authorization form and how it can be used, visit my blog "8 common reasons why your Google ads are disapproved".
  • Website Policy Violations: Google has requirements for your website that must be followed in order to use the Merchant Center and shopping campaigns. Google lists the following as website requirements in its shopping ad policies:

"A display URL that doesn't exactly reflect the landing page URL, such as" "which redirects users to" ". The playful use of words, numbers, letters, punctuation marks or symbols such as" FREE "is free, and F? €€ !!, websites that are in the Structure, parked domains or just not working, websites that have deactivated the browser's back button, websites that cannot be displayed in frequently used browsers. "

Additional requirements include an option to check out guests and return and refund policies that are clearly listed on your website.
When it comes to returns policy, your policy should explain exactly how to handle returns and refunds, including:

  • What the user has to do
  • Under what circumstances do you offer returns and refunds?
  • The period in which you accept returns
  • If your user can expect a refund
  • Misrepresentation of self or product: The solutions are not always the same for every seller, and misrepresentation of yourself or the product is a key example of this. Misrepresenting the self or the product can be a complex problem with several reasons for marking. The Feedonomics article "How to fix a Google Merchant Center account suspension:" Misrepresenting yourself or a product "explains the various problems and possible solutions to this blocking reason so that you know what to avoid or how to troubleshoot can fix this issue as soon as you see it.

What to do if your account is blocked?

One of the most common frustrations associated with Merchant Center suspension is the solution. You may find it easy to fix your suspension, and the reason for the suspension is straightforward. In other cases, this may not be the case. Google's purchasing guidelines are complex and you often violate one or more of them. For example, you may find that your account is locked out because it is linked to another account that is incompatible. Regardless of the complexity or the reason, you can take steps to effectively fix the problem.

  • Please contact both Google support and your Google Account Manager / strategist. Google chat support is an effective way to get answers while you continue your daily business. Contact Google support to find out what they can find out in the end. They don't always have the visibility they need to solve the problem, but they are a good place to start. Notify your Google contact that you have done this and what the Google support team has done or what information it has provided. Ask your Google POC to confirm or search for other issues.
  • Ask for clear steps to the solution. Do not rely on the web resources provided by Google to solve the problem once it is identified. Ask for clear steps and instructions, as you will likely find answers to questions that you would have encountered later. For example, if Google tells you that your return policy on your website is missing refund information and you want to fix the issue without asking any further questions, you may not be asked if you need to update the footer on your website in addition to the landing page. The less you have to return to Google with questions before requesting a non-suspension review, the more efficient your resolution will be.
  • Check for linked account issues. You may not find that you are linked to an old account that could be causing your problems. Identify all linked accounts in your Merchant Center and Google Ads and ensure that they are compliant and in good condition.
  • Contact Google to ensure you are compliant now and you are ready not to be suspended.

Interruptions in your advertising and sales process are urgent and effective. If you take measures to proactively avoid interruptions and know how to fix them when you do so, you are making a significant contribution to consistent performance and success.


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