Link building never ends in search engine optimization, but a little creativity and clever tactics can help you find great link opportunities from their hiding places. In this episode of Whiteboard Friday, Britney Muller starts a series on modern link building (including the wise advice: let people choose their own anchor text!)

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Hey Moz fans. Welcome to another edition of Whiteboard Friday. Today we're going to look at the easiest ways to get backlinks to your website. None of this involves creating content.

Really excited to get involved. It will be part of a larger "Link Building in 2020 Series and Beyond". I'm really looking forward to delving into some of the simplest things you can do today to improve your backlink profile. Let's take a look.

Simple link building

☑ Unrelated mentions of brand, product, name, etc.

To do this, just go to Google, look for those things in quotes and look at the first result pages to make sure all of those results are linked to your website again.

This is probably not the case. So you have the option to send a message or an email asking the webmaster or the author to provide a link to your website with your mention. It is one of the easiest things to do. So it is unlinked images.

☑ Unlinked images

This is a gold mine if you are working on a website that contains a lot of proprietary images or really great graphic design. Maybe you have infographics or some things that are special for the brand or domain. Use Google Reverse Image Search and insert the images that you think were taken or used on other websites.

You will immediately see what these websites are and whether or not they link back to your website. So very similar to this first one. You only ask them to credit the website and link accordingly.

☑ Redirect your 404 pages with backlinks

This is entirely in your control. No contact required. In fact, Moz Link Explorer does this very, very easily in Moz Pro. You basically look at all of your pages with backlinks and can filter by status code.

You simply change this to 400s, 404s, and you can see all the pages of your website that currently have backlinks, but the page is no longer there. All you want to do with it is to simply redirect the old broken page to a new relevant page, and so to speak save the permission that is sent to your site.

So easy. Many people forget that. It's great.

☑ Keep an eye on recently lost links

The key word here is "recently". If you can get in touch with another website that has recently accidentally or deliberately made changes to the page, you are more likely to reclaim your lost link.

It is also important to understand why.

  • Will this website be redesigned?
  • Did you get rid of pages?
  • Did a competitor come in and provide a better resource than the one you currently had?

There are many reasons why you really want to find out what's going on.

Verschieben Move backlink targets

This is a new tactic that the brilliant Sarah Hollenbeck from Siege Media recently drew my attention to. You have a brilliant team. I strongly encourage you to read this article, which is essentially about moving backlink targets, which I never really thought of. You basically have backlinks to older resources or older content or products that you want to restructure to newer or more important pages of your website.

Sarah goes into great detail and can explain how you can do this successfully and what it means for your website. So really, really neat. I can highly recommend this.

☑ Websites that list competitors, but not you

Check out websites that list competitors, but not you. These can be resource pages or summaries of information.

You can also play around with it on Google Providing competitors within offers and then minus your company or website you're working on.

It really gives you an idea of ​​which websites could offer great backlink opportunities because you fit in that direction. It makes sense.

☑ Websites with topic / industry and geographic information

Likewise, websites that contain topic or industry information and geographic information so that you can find these resource pages and summaries. You can often see them on many .edu sites or even .gov. So you can do different searches when you are Columbia, outdoor clothing in Minnesota.

Play around with it a bit. This could be in the Midwest in the United States. You can change these words and really start identifying some potential link prospects.

☑ Build relationships

After all, you build relationships. I can't talk about it any higher.

Only for your own career longevity and your SEO and marketing activities in general is it so important to build real, real relationships with people working in the industry, whether on other websites or in the same way.

Not only can you bounce ideas off of these people and really get help with various things, you can also help support the incredible things they are working on. It is just an all-round well-being situation that helps each other. So if you are not contacting and building relationships yet, I strongly recommend that you do so.

It's a lot of fun and I can't stress enough that there are so many good people in our industry that it's incredible.

ON BONUS: Let people choose anchor text!

Finally, we want to look at link building practices in 2020 and beyond in a really modern way, and a lot of it concerns things like Let people choose the anchor text for your backlink.

Five or ten years ago, it was standard to request a specific anchor text for the keyword that you wanted to rank for. This is no longer really the case. In particular, with the addition of BERT, Google has improved the understanding of text, language and websites to such an extent that it is really unnecessary and can even cause problems to ask for these specific anchor link texts.

Be sure to check out this article, which we link below from David Farkas, who wrote about link building lies. It is a really great article. We'll continue to build on this series to provide you with some more up-to-date link building information today. I look forward to your comments and suggestions below.

Do not hesitate to tell us what you liked and what you did not like. If you have great ideas, please let us know in the comments. I look forward to seeing you next time. Many thanks. See you.

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