Build your skills, folks. Build friendships, people. How to get pro blogger testimonials.

Bloggers sometimes ask me to support them with a bright testimony. But most of these bloggers are foreign to me. I have no idea who they are. I have no idea if they can blog properly. I have no idea if they have blogging skills. I do not know you. I don't trust them because I don't know them.

Why should I support a stranger whom I do not know or whom I do not trust? Forget that my reputation is at stake. I have no idea why I would support them? Do you see why setting up a professional blogger as a complete stranger leads to an ineffective testimonial approach?

Build your skills. Practice writing. Post helpful content regularly. Give professional bloggers a reason to support you. Professionals don't hand out notes like sweets to babies. You really have to earn it by investing thousands of hours to become a highly skilled, supportable blogger. No professional supports an unskilled blogger, because authenticity is an important part of professionalism. However, developing your skills is only part of the testimonial equation.

Build friendships with professional bloggers. How you do that? Help these people without asking for anything. This is how you get their attention. Prove that you are interested in helping them and not in getting a testimony out of them. Experienced bloggers who buy my e-books, promote my posts and comment on my guest posts attract my attention span. I appreciate these bloggers. We will be friends.

When I watch my blogging friends, I know who has practiced through their increasing blogging skills. What happens next? I either support the person organically or include them in their question. A good blogger with skills will always get my testimony. If you ask, I write the confirmation for you because I trust your skills and our friendship.

Point blank guys; You really have to work many thousands of hours and be very generous to receive professional blogger testimonials, as you have to prove that you are worth the testimonial. Serious professional bloggers work for years to be successful. Reputable professional bloggers generously help people succeed for thousands of hours.

Professional top bloggers have patiently served professionals for a long time during their amateur years to make friends with these big blogging dogs. Now you have to do the same if you want a professional to write a certificate for you.

Never set up a professional blogger as a stranger, as professionals delete these emails. Professionals receive hundreds to thousands of emails from strangers. Why would you support a stranger when thousands of strangers send you emails addressing you? Have you ever put yourself in the position of a professional blogger?

Build a relationship with a professional by helping him for a while. Please nothing. Do not expect anything. Let your friendship grow strong. But you should also write better and develop skills, because if you are a friend, you are not entitled to confirmation. You are better an experienced blogger, otherwise you cannot earn the recognition of a serious professional. Words are strong. Trust is the currency that builds a professional blogging career.

I only support experienced bloggers who are generous with me. I ignore everyone else because I don't trust anyone. I need to know you and I need to know that you are a highly skilled blogger who does things right. But if you deserve the right to my approval, I will be happy to give you a certificate. Everything depends on trust.


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