1) What are some Pet Peeves that got you to delete an email that says the product or company?

Here are some things that make me delete / fail to describe what they're doing / make me feel like crap:

– When I reply to your email asking me to tell you about your client and your next email asking me to tell you about your blog and describe the story I will write. I feel like I'm already serving them. It could have taken some time to read the info page on my blog (it's linked in my unsubscribe). Also, there are better ways to phrase your query than, "What is your story about?" Maybe: "Do you remember which angle you will take?" The former implies that they will try to control the narrative. The latter implies that they want to provide me with the best possible material so that I can realize my angle of action.

– During fashion week, I mistake myself for a buyer.

– Several people from the same agency or showroom email me about an event or cause even after I have already responded to a reply. I once received emails from three different people about the same event, which caused confusion.

– Email me after a story is published and ask me to change my mind or leave out an exact negative that I put in a largely positive story. No, you get the whole package. That's why it's free advertising.

– Send me large physical folders of things. As a blogger, I work best with digital information. Your chic, probably expensive, package of papers and glossy photos is thrown in the trash. I mean, my laptop doesn't even have a CD drive. And I already have 15 USB sticks. Dropbox me. Always.

– I think I am a man. Again, the info page on my blog is a great source of information.

– After politely saying that the client just isn't a good fit for my blog, I keep getting into bulk emails

On the positive side, I'm telling you the most positive PR experience I've ever had. I received an invitation to a fashion week. When I emailed to ask for more information, I received a personalized response with exactly the information I needed plus a cell phone number so I could call the PR person when I got there. When I arrived the PR person found me, remembered the name and focus of my blog, and came with me to speak to the designer. He then emailed me inviting me to the after party and took the time to treat me as people with different interests than his client. I will always give so much positive reporting to his customers.



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