18th November 2020


Erica Perry


Since 2018, TikTok has almost tripled in size. Among US users aged 18 and over, TikTok recorded 22.2 million unique mobile visitors in January 2020, 23.2 million in February and 28.8 million in March. In April that number rose to 39.2 million.

Looking ahead to 2021, new predictions will show that the platform will surpass a billion users. Despite this growth, it remains a wasted space for many marketers because of the barriers associated with adapting to younger audiences and the associated cultural nuances, values, and interests that define them.

Creative analytics platform for more clarity for those who want to use their TikTok territory VidMob Using the computer vision algorithm, around 1,500 ad posts were examined that were placed on 34 branded accounts this year.

Here's a quick look at some of the key study findings and samples of the most engaging videos and how marketers can use them to maximize their results.

Exaggerated emotions and the human gaze

According to Vidmob, exaggerated emotions like expressing surprise and anger resulted in an average increase in the number of six-second views of 1.7 times compared to more neutral expressions like calm. In addition, switching between four or more emotions in a single video tripled conversion rates.

Not only is the use of talent critical to a successful TikTok presence, but using footage and imagery of talents that specifically focus on those stronger emotions is also further audience involvement and encourages a deeper connection that the Resonates.

With this in mind, background content and providing context for viewers are particularly important outcomes. For example, if users can see a Creator in their kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom, it will be easier for the audience to easily map and relate the content they have consumed.

A few other details to keep in mind:

  • Limit close-ups – Videos where the subject's face took up less than a fifth of the screen showed 31 percent better click performance.
  • The aim is to show multiple perspectives compared to a single glance – the click was increased by 1.7 times if the subject was looking directly into the camera for less than half the duration of the video, compared to more than half
  • More emotions are better than one – using 4 or more emotions resulted in a 3.3 times higher conversion rate when the talent showed 3 or less on the screen.

Music and speech effects

In a recent webinar presentation of the results, Sarah Graham, Research Strategist at VidMob stated, “On other platforms, advertisers focus specifically on the visual elements of the subject, while with TikTok, sound is critical to the success of the subject. We were able to perform an audio analysis here that we have not yet done on other platforms. "

Speech effects and music not only increase engagement, but also create a more native feel for users. Original music helps brands create their own footprint and stand out from the noise. How you use audio ultimately depends on what you want to achieve – depending on whether your goal is awareness. When it comes to converting or considering, there are several avenues including whether you are using audio only or combining it with music.

Some statistics to aid your decisions that were shared as part of the results include:

  • Uploading an original title can result in an average of 52 percent more six-second views
  • Posts with music or voice-over generated 1.6 times more clicks than posts with both. Using the platform's language change tools resulted in 1.7 times more clicks than a subject's natural voice.
  • Audio-only ads increased the 6-second display rate by 51 percent compared to voiceover plus music or voiceover only

Copy and CTAs

The average retention rate on most social platforms is 2 to 3 words per second. However, compared to TikTok, it's a fast-paced platform and a very scrollable user interface. Audiences are effectively retaining more content at a higher rate of 5 to 10 words per second. For brands, this shows the value of being able to convey more information in less time.

Some more details in this regard are worth noting:

  • For audio at 4 or more words per second, the conversion rate increased 19 percent compared to talk tracks at 2 to 3 words per second.
  • Inserting a CTA in the opening frame resulted in a 44 percent increase in conversion rate compared to later.

Using UGC-style influencers and content in a different way than other platforms ultimately makes TikTok a powerful player. Biggest lesson for marketers here: Avoid the urge to recycle – experiment and think outside the box about what you're creating, how it's appropriate for that particular area, and why the ad is native to the area.

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