30, 2020

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The pandemic has had devastating effects worldwide. You know that. I know that. We all know that. It has affected every area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife for billions of people and doesn't seem to end soon for many of us. The sad reality is that we all know at least one local company that couldn't bear the catastrophic loss and made the heartbreaking decision to permanently close its doors.

During this time, many service-oriented companies have changed daily processes and products or turned completely to get through these darker times. We have also seen certain industries change their service and adapt to the circumstances to effectively wait for the storm.

A good example of visible brands that have done their best to change how they work are some of our favorite talk shows like The View, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the A Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and The Daily Show with Trevor Noah was billed as The Daily Social Distancing Show and Late Night with Seth Meyers. The hosts and their respective production teams have once again proven that in the age of technology we only need a good internet connection and a little ingenuity.

Although it's no secret that many of these show hosts have openly expressed their frustration due to limited resources and creative opportunities, not to mention more than a handful of technical difficulties and on-air snafus that would normally have been cut out this also serve as a shimmer of inspiration for many small business owners. This is because most people see talk show hosts as television superstars. However, being a star in front of the camera is much easier when you are on a real stage and a whole team of professionals does all the technical details. It's a different story when the same person is forced to pick up from the attic or guest room and has to multitask for most of the operations.

If these television heavyweights can put together enough content to cover multiple segments that span between 20 and 40 minutes a day, using only their laptops and smart devices combined with downloadable software and free social media apps; Then there is no excuse for entrepreneurs who are reluctant to use the same tools available to communicate with their customers. To begin with, this could be a very simple three-minute video that is delivered weekly to inform customers and raise awareness. That's it. It does not have to be complex and can easily be integrated into your online marketing strategy.

For those who were on the fence creating video content or were unwilling to start for one reason or another, this global slowdown is exactly the opportunity you've been waiting for. Time is no longer a factor because the pandemic has given most of us more than enough time. As mentioned above, many nationally recognized and admired talk show hosts have shared their limited expertise openly with technology and the need for a crash course in software and social media tools if they hoped to stay connected with their fans. They also laughed at the many glitches and mistakes in their makeshift home studios. If they can do this to reach their millions of viewers across the country, they can do it to reach people in your online sphere.

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To get the ball rolling, we focus on three main areas.

1. Select content that your audience wants to know about.

Take a moment to think about the frequently asked questions you get. These can be frequently asked questions about your special service, the industry in general or typical problems and weaknesses of your ideal customers. Imagine someone contacted you to ask one of these frequently asked questions. How would you react to address individual concerns? Most likely you have answered this question so often that a thoughtful answer would be a matter of course. That's all you do for your audience with these informative and content-rich videos. The only difference is that this conversation is rehearsed and recorded for public consumption.

Typically, my customers have ten frequently asked questions or common problems written down by their customers. That is all we need to get started. Once you've written down these ten key points, it's time to take a closer look at how you structure and deliver the information.

2. Choose a format that is easy to apply. Here are three basic video styles:

Questions and Answers – Ask the frequently asked question at the beginning of the video and then give your expert answer. For reasons of clarity, be sure to provide supporting information. Keep in mind that your viewer is unlikely to have your extensive background and knowledge base. So keep it simple.

Did you know – This informative style can be causal and even talkative when you express your message. You have probably started thousands of such friendly discussions throughout your life. Use this format to raise audience awareness.

Known How – As it sounds, this format shows the person how to do something. This may not sound intuitive, since you are essentially teaching the person how to do something that you are normally paid for. But that's the beauty of it. In this way, you teach the viewer how to do an easier and smaller job, perhaps even one that you would not have time for. This creates credibility and proves that you are an expert because you have just solved the problem in front of your eyes. Empowering your audience to learn more about your work creates trust and builds a relationship. It also increases the likelihood that it will return for more direct support when it needs help solving these larger and more complex problems.

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3. Press the red button

The last piece is to actually record the video. You are the expert. You know the material. Take a deep breath and start recording. If you need a small note card nearby to stay on track, use it. If you screw it up and take it up again, keep trying until you are happy with the end product. It doesn't have to be perfect. It just has to be professional. Practice makes progress. Like everything in life, the more you do it, the better you get. Initially, the videos may take a little longer to find your schedule and delivery style. This will come in time. Concentrate on the goal of creating a premium piece of original content that educates your audience and gives you the opportunity to engage personally and directly.

By creating such original content, you can create value and stay connected with your audience. It provides a platform to demonstrate your skills and expertise. You don't have to tell them you're an expert, as you show off your skills right in front of them. Actions speak louder than words and this will prove how good you are with each new video released.

Unfortunately, this pandemic doesn't seem to be going away as quickly, and medical experts emphasize the need for flexibility and frequent adjustments. However, you can use this time to differentiate yourself as a proven market leader by creating video content that will attract your ideal customers. Keep the conversation going by exchanging views and building your online community. Use this opportunity to turn misfortune into a golden ticket that strengthens your business and makes customers come back again and again.

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