A post on Reddit asks what's stopping someone from creating a bot to click on your Google search results lists, go to your website, spend some time there, and send positive click data from Google. The truth is that no one is stopping you from doing it, but it won't help your Google ranking if you ask Google.

I mean seriously, if it were that easy – everyone would do it. For this reason, Google is not likely to lie when it says that click data is not used for ranking purposes.

The question on Reddit was:

Hypothetical question: what is preventing me from creating a bot to improve my search rankings?

For example, let's say you're trying to rank a niche keyword. What's stopping you from creating a bot with rotating IPs to google the keyword and click on your website? Then stay there for some time and randomly click your website to come across as a real person.

Google's John Mueller actually responded by saying, "It doesn't make sense, but beat yourself up."

A ton, I mean, a ton of SEOs don't believe Google so can they invest in cheap bots that will click on their search lists and act like good users on their sites?

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