The economic impact of the ongoing pandemic has made many people's financial lives unstable. In order to mitigate these effects, we wanted to give the MaxBounty partners the opportunity to generate additional income in addition to the regular income.

As of today, you can earn up to one as a MaxBounty partner 8% bonus based on your earnings generated July 6th and 6th of August by beating your BEST performance of both May 3 – June 3 or June 4 – July 5 (Whatever is higher).

This is done as a standard opt-in MaxMoney action.

The more you improve in either of the past two periods, the higher the bonuses you will receive.

As soon as you have registered, you are immediately entitled to one of the following three levels of performance bonuses:

To qualify for this promotion, you only need to be an active partner who has earned in one of the two comparison periods (either May 3 – June 3 or June 4 – July 5).

Sign up for this promotion here on the MaxMoney page to make sure you get a bonus once you've done your best.

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