Do you spend a lot of time creating content but still not getting the traffic you want?

I know how it feels It feels really bad.

The thing is, if you want to get more traffic, you need more social shares. And if you want more social sharing, then you need to PROPERLY promote your blog posts.

But how do you properly promote your blog posts? We'll tackle that here.

So, if you're someone looking to tweak your content marketing strategy to get more exposure, this in-depth guide is for you.

In this guide, you'll find some of the smartest advertising strategies you can use to get your blog posts better known. Are you ready? Let's dive in.

10 Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts to Get More Traffic and Approvals

# 1. Write clickable headlines

8 out of 10 people read headlines before clicking a link or tweet.

Will your blog post be clicked and read by users? Do you know how important the role of your blog title is? In the world of content marketing, it's your post heading that acts like a gate pass to your blog.

If you're not writing clickable headings, what's the use of writing long content? This is why you need to be very careful when creating a heading for your blog post. The effort you put into writing interesting and lengthy content should equal the effort you put into writing your headline.

Here are the few tips and techniques you can use to create clickable headlines.

  • It should say what readers will get. Before you even pick an interesting topic, make sure you can give readers a compelling reason to read the post about the headline. Check whether the chosen topic for the post can inspire readers to read or not.
  • It should say who the post is for. Knowing your readers before committing to a blog niche is very important. Just before choosing a topic to write on, just make sure the topic you choose appeals to a specific audience. It will also help you when you start content marketing.
  • Add negative words. A study by outbrain states that negative words like "never", "bad" do 30% better than positive words like "best", "always". For example, instead of saying "7 Best Tips To Follow Before Starting A Business", you could say "7 Mistakes To Avoid Before Starting A Business".
  • Break the rules. This is not rocket science. There's no need to follow grammar and rules when writing headings. Just break it. Keep it casual. After all, customer attraction is important.
  • Think about SEO. Also, check out SEO while making the headline interesting. SEO, Content, Title Everything has its own role in increasing the traffic and social share of blogs. So use the primary keyword or LSI keyword in the title.
  • Use numbers in the heading. The titles with numbers do better. For example, "8 Marketing Strategies That Will Blow Up Your Sales In No Time" can work like a charm rather than "How to Increase Your Online Sales".

# 2. Write your blog posts in an engaging way that your audience will want to share

Content is king. You have heard this term a million times, and it really is. Every successful blog became successful because of its content. The more value you offer with your content, the faster you will build a loyal audience.

The blog post you write should make readers feel like they are engaging with you in the comments. Be helpful in growing your audience. Help them with great and useful content that will solve their problem. This is one of the ways you can build trust with your readers.

As you connect with your potential readers, you will see consistent traffic on your blog.

Let me reveal the secrets of how to write blog posts that will compel your readers to share.

  • Write as if you were talking to your friend. Come on, you can't connect to a robot. Sounds like a human when you write a post. Write as if you are talking to your friend. Do not show a corporate style in your writing.
  • Feel free to use friendly approach words. Use words like "you", "I". You can start sentences with words like "But", "And", "Because". Pause in the post, just as you would pause while talking to your friend about a topic.
  • Ask questions. It is very common, while talking to friends, that we ask questions that sound both funny and serious. Typically, professors in schools and universities ask students various questions to get them to take classes. It's just like that, even with writing and the response you see in comments as well as through social shares.
  • Finish with an inspiring or engaging paragraph. Give your readers a reason to share and engage. You can do this by writing a statement of motivation or by asking a question at the bottom of the blog post. The paragraph or 3 lines you write should spark your readers to action. Make sure you also inspire your readers to implement the tips.

We like to connect with those who listen to us and solve problems. We remember them all our lives. You do the same with your content in the blog post.

# 3. Use "Click to Tweet" when creating content

Twitter has become a blogger's weapon and can no longer be ignored.

Who doesn't want to increase loyal readership and get persistent visitors to blog? If you are writing extremely useful and interesting content, you should also give your readers the opportunity to share it on social media.

Twitter is a source that can generate more website visitors. It comes down to how best to promote your blog posts to get your traffic and social shares up. Of course, there are plenty of social media buttons or plugins that you can install and use on your blog so readers can share if they like. So if there are so many plugins out there, you can ask me what's so special about using this "click-to-tweet".

With "Click to Tweet" you can concentrate on certain areas in your content.

When you finish writing a blog post and start proofreading your post before publishing, find the areas where you want to highlight it for tweet.

For example, "This is how I made my first sales through blogging. Click here to tweet." You can install plugins like Click to Tweet to add tweetable quotes to your blog posts.

# 4. Share your content on all social media websites

Social media is the new SEO.

In fact, Google takes into account social media factors like shares, likes, and comments. Take a look at the image below to understand the correlation between social media and SEO.

Search engines like Google are placing increasing importance on user interaction metrics like social shares. The more social shares you get, the better results you'll get with your content.

Your content needs more engagement to stand out on social media. In general, every blogger is so serious about brainstorming topic ideas, creating interesting content, SEO practices, etc., but they don't promote that much.

What good is it if it doesn't reach your audience? How much effort you put into creating content should also be put into sharing your content on all social media websites.

Here are some tips:

  • Optimize your blog post every time you share it on social media and any website. When you share the same content multiple times on multiple social media. Every social network is unique in its own way. Adjust it accordingly. Take Twitter for example, there is a limit of 10 characters, while Facebook does not and users expect more. Instagram and pinterest are all about pictures.
  • Never promote the same blog post the same way as before. Change the strategy every time with updated content. Ask questions, use surveys, etc.
  • Don't post too many posts in one day. Imagine seeing too many posts from the same person in your feed. Isn't it annoying? It looks like a spammer. So post very few on a regular basis. You can set the time to post using free tools. Once your target audience knows your post planning, they will check in at that time. It builds a certain amount of loyal readership.
  • At the end of the post, keep a call to action. You can specifically tell your readers what action to take.

As long as you are adding value to your readers, it's okay if you share on social media more than once.

# 5. Advertise on blogging forums

One of the most effective ways to increase traffic is to use forums to promote blog posts. However, using forums incorrectly will have a bad rap for your blog site. You can find the right one by searching for "niche" + "forum".

Use your real name and profile photo when filling in the user data in the forum. Provide a link on your website or blog.

Start good topics by visiting the forum regularly. When you post in the forum, you sometimes also link to other interesting resources instead of linking to your blog.

Start a new thread, write a summary of your blog post and provide a link to your blog. You can ask the forum audience for rating or feedback. Take part in the discussion and get in touch with users. You can also use the following forums to promote your content.

  • Engage blog
  • Blokube
  • Just retweet
  • Warrior Forum
  • Knigged

# 6. Write guest posts that are relevant to your content

Guest blogging is NOT dead. This is still one of the most effective ways to increase your profile, build links, and relationships with other bloggers in your industry.

If you're thinking about how to build your brand and authority in the blogging world, guest blogging. Find the right blogs for guest posting. Guest blogging is the fastest way to build your email list too.

What can guest blogging do?

  • Elevates your brand name.
  • Brings traffic to your blog.
  • You can create backlinks to your blog.

Use these tips to find out how to guest blog posts with high authority blogs.

  1. Review and list the blogs related to your niche. You can verify this by typing in "Blog Niche" + "Submit Guest Post".
  2. Make sure the blogs you list are very active on social media.

Alternatively, you can register in the guest community My Blog, which is specially designed for guest bloggers. You can create a specific topic and say that you want to write a guest post. The blog owner will find you automatically.

Put up a guest post in a unique way. Observe what type and level of audience they are looking for, what type of audience, how many words per post. Make sure you spend a lot of time creating high-profile guest posts if you want to increase website traffic and social shares. Without writing high-quality guest posts, it's impossible to build a blog audience with the help of guest posts.

Never forget to introduce yourself before reaching out to a blog owner with a topic idea if you've blogged before. If you have a damn interesting topic, your topic idea will be accepted. So do plenty of research for ideas before referring blog owners to guest posts. After your adoption, mention the best bloggers in your niche in your guest post.

# 7. Let influencers share your stuff

Nobody can do it alone, no matter what area.

Why are some blogger posts massively shared while other posts are not shared? It's because they have influencers sharing their blog post. Did you know that post shared by an influencer will result in 31.8% more social shares? Influencer Marketing clearly gives you the BEST ROI.

How do I get influencers to share your post?

  • Offer good content on your influencer website. Write a guest post. Write really amazing content.
  • Share your influencer posts for free. Share their content. Remember what you give that you will get.
  • If you've included influencers on a post, make sure they know about it.
  • Leave thoughtful comments on the influencer blog. It helps more in interacting with the blog owner.
  • Research which websites your influencers visit frequently. You can do this with the help of the Followerwonk tool.
  • Do an interview with influencers.

# 8. Reuse your content to get more attention

One of the blog marketing strategies is to repurpose your content to identify link building opportunities and increase the reach of your blog.

What does content reuse mean?

It means that you can convert your blog posts to various formats in the form of e-books, white papers, slideshows, podcasts and videos.

You will get more exposure if you have invested a lot of time in writing really useful and amazing content that will solve reader problems and drive traffic to your blog.

Here are the different ways you can use your blog posts.

  • If you're writing in-depth articles, consider converting them to content upgrades or eBooks and uploading them to free eBook upload sites for others to download your content.
  • Reformat websites for document sharing. The only advantage of this is that you can embed links and images in the documents. Copy your blog post into a Word document, add your bio on your blog with links and a call-to-action, then convert it to PDF. Upload it to document sharing websites like Scribd, Docstoc, Yudu, Docshare, etc.
  • Turn your posts into podcasts. It's nothing more than recording an audio version of your blog post. You can use Audacity, which is free recording software, for this purpose. You can send all of your podcast files to iTunes. When recording your blog post, make sure to include an invitation to visit the blog along with your name and the URL of the blog.

# 9. Leave "thoughtful comments"

Leaving thoughtful comments on other blogs will magically grow your blog. A comment can bring you customers, a comment can create a strong connection with a popular blogger, a comment can list you like a famous blogger's post, a comment can skyrocket your blog traffic, a comment can make yours Make your blog a success.

Writing comments like “Great Post,” “Great Content,” and “Very Helpful” will never help you or your blog anyway.

  • Read the post and leave a thoughtful comment.
  • Never repeat the same content in the comment.
  • It's okay if you summarize, but it should be more than what is stated in the post.
  • Use a friendly tone in the comment.
  • Mention the author's name in the comment. If you feel like you made a typo, copy the name and write it in the comment.
  • Make sincere compliments on Post, even if it's negative. It helps them make necessary changes in their blog post.
  • It serves as a platform for generating ideas. You will receive topic ideas to write for your blog.

Blog comments aren't rocket science. Just be kind when you comment. Let them know how much you enjoyed their contribution.

# 10. Reach out to other bloggers

A blogger should be highly interactive not only with readers but also with other bloggers. Look for the top bloggers in your niche. A top blog will have more user interaction in the comment area, more social shares, amazing and well-written content, high domain and page authority. Make a list and connect with all of these top bloggers.

There are millions of blogs out there so the competition is REALLY big. So if you contact the wrong ones, you will not get results and traffic to your blog.

How can you reach out to other bloggers?

  • When you post on your blog, leave a link to other blogs and let them know about the blog owners via email or Twitter.
  • Share other blogger posts before asking someone to share your content.
  • Comment on other blogs and be sure to build relationships by commenting.
  • As I said in the posts, guest posts work like a charm.

Never reach out to a blogger who is not writing about your related topics unless the person specifically leaves a comment on your blog post. You can use the Buzz Sumo tool to find top bloggers in your niche.

Final thoughts on promoting your blog content to increase your traffic

Content is king and advertising is the foundation.

You can't create a successful blog without increasing its profile. Before you focus on increasing your sales, you should focus on how to increase the reach of your content. This is only possible if you are constantly looking for ways to properly market your content.

All of the strategies mentioned in this in-depth post have been proven to help you get more traffic to your websites and increase your online presence by implementing them.

So what are your thoughts Do you spend time in blog promotion? What other techniques do you use to promote your blog posts? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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