Do you want to host fun Instagram games or challenges on your profile but don't know where to start?

We asked Bailey Stanworth, Play digitally Founder to tell how successfully she used Instagram games to grow her business and brand.

From creating a playful concept to locking your hashtags to challenging subtitles: here are their top 10 tips for using Instagram games for growth!

What are Instagram games and challenges?

Have you ever been tagged in an Instagram challenge?

You know, those who are asked to fill in the gap, tag a friend, nominate someone to keep the gap going, and so on.

Instagram games

Chances are that you – Instagram challenges have become increasingly popular not only to increase your engagement but also your social media.

Did you know that these challenges (and games) are currently one of the most powerful content on Instagram?

This is because challenges are fun for users while creating a digital footprint through expanded reach and impressions.

With Instagram Stories new challenge stickerChallenges are usually posted on Instagram stories. However, since stories disappear after 24 hours, you can run an Instagram challenge in your feed.

I recently started the Bathtub Challenge after seeing a friend post a funny doll photo in her bathtub and immediately thought I had to do it.

What made my creative juices flow when I wanted to recreate their cute photo … how many other people would? The challenge idea was born here.

I put on a costume to wear to a quarantine wedding, poured myself a glass of rosé, set up my tripod, and jumped into my bath … of course.

After getting the shot, I nominated some influential friends, including The birds papaya, Tia Booth and Elena Daviesto take part in the Bathtub Challenge.

Within a few days, all three had posted their glamorous bath / shower photos and created a spider web effect. Friends suddenly tagged friends, and hashtags picked up pace as the nominee network grew!

The hashtag #bathtubchallenge quickly went from just a handful of photos to over 2000. I even saw it Julia Roberts post her own version of the Bathtub Challenge … and although I cannot confirm it, I will tell myself that it stems from our Challenge.

Another way to cultivate an interactive movement on Instagram was our recent PLAY Pong tournament, where I started raising money for COVID-19 help.

With 16 players, we were able to use Instagram Live to essentially create a series of live games that followers could adjust to in real time.

I called friends again Kaitlyn Bristowe, Jason Tartick, The birds papaya, Blake Horstmann, Elena Davies, Hannah Berner, and getting together to raise money for a good cause.

At first, I thought it was just a fun little way to give something back during quarantine in our homes, but it quickly became a viral event that sometimes up to 100,000 people watched by the end of the live.

By the end of the first round we had reached our goal of $ 10,000 and in the championship round we had raised a total of over $ 15,000!

Instagram games and challenges offer a direct call to action that prompts users to share and promote your content on their platforms. It is a win-win situation for everyone. Why shouldn't you create your own Instagram game?

It doesn't matter if you are a brand or an influencer. Creating your own challenge / game for Instagram (or other social media platform) is a simple growth tool that you can start implementing today.

Now we come to the good things. How do you successfully create an Instagram game? Check out my top 10 tips and best practices to strategize your challenge and gain momentum.

How to create an Instagram game or challenge for your brand

The digital space can be intimidating, but Instagram games and challenges are a way to get creative and have fun with your audience.

I want you to have the tools and insights to start your own version of a viral challenge so I can put together my top 10 tips and tricks!

Instagram games and challenges Tip 1: Make it fun

Just like a viral meme or an upcoming event on your calendar, you want your audience to be excited deal with your content.

That means it's eye-catching, fascinating and fun! Think outside the box and come up with something that, as Marie Kondo says, is a pleasure.

IG games

Finally, take part in a “See A Dog, Share A Dog” or “See Vacuum, Share A Vacuum” challenge. The correct answer is dog (I really hope you said dog).

Instagram games and challenges Tip 2: Simple should outweigh the effort

If you want people to join your Instagram game, it has to be easy. Because we're honest, people can be lazy.

Make sure that the key elements (or props) in your game or challenge are accessible to the majority not only of your audience, but of all viewers. Make sure you offer simple substitutions – think of wine bottles instead of weights.

Instagram games

You don't want anyone to feel that the task is too difficult before they even participate. It's up to you to make it easy by taking the unnecessary effort out of the challenge.

Instagram games and challenges # 3: Talk trends

Whether you're on TikTok or Instagram, trends are everything right now.

Taking advantage of global developments is a great tactical way to spark interest.

Use this dynamic if a topic, an event or a moment of pop culture is already at the center. If people are already invested in a topic, they tend to stay here and pay attention!

Instagram games and challenges Tip 4: Call for action

The ultimate goal is to involve others, which means you have to tell them to do just that.

Make sure you give clear and precise instructions on how to take part in the fun and successfully take on the challenge.

This can be as simple as asking your audience to "fill in the blanks and nominate 3 friends for the quiz" as long as this is a concrete call to action to get involved and spread the word.

In this sense, it is worth taking enough time to write and edit your subtitles.

One of the best ways to do this is through Write all of your captions suddenly with Later Instagram scheduler on the desktop. Calendar view allows you to create and edit all of your subtitles at once:

Instagram planning

With Later, you can even add line breaks to your Instagram subtitles. This is a great way to make challenges or rules easy to digest even if you have multiple points to make!

If you give yourself some time to edit, you are also more likely to spot typing errors or mistakes that may have slipped through the net in your first round of writing.

Would you like to organize yourself and save time? Plan, plan and publish with Later!

Instagram games and challenges Tip 5: Get your brand on

This can be the most important tip of all: Make sure you brand your Instagram game. I repeat, make sure you brand your Instagram game.

If you miss this step, you can hand out a business card without your contact information – there is no benefit!

Regardless of whether you are an influencer or a brand, it is important that your Instagram game has your logo and social handles that return to your channels.

When users share your content, you want to make it clear that you or your account are the source of the challenge.

Instagram games and challenges Tip 6: Leave your mark

Create a unique name and hashtag is a must for your Instagram game!

Before you start, make sure you examine your name, hashtag, and other items to make sure they're not active yet. With a unique hashtag, you can easily track engagement, growth, and results.

When creating the "Bathtub Challenge" and "PLAY Pong" hashtags, I made sure to examine them first to make sure they weren't getting dirty with other random posts. When choosing your hashtag, it is important that you do your research and create something that is branded but available.

Want to learn more about brand hashtags? Find everything you need to know in our free Instagram Hashtag Strategy Guide!

Instagram games and challenges Tip 7: create incentives

Let your audience know what can benefit from participation.

Are you tracking selected participants? Do you share your favorite posts with your feed or stories? Are they highlighted on your website?

Think about what incentives your audience values ​​the most and use these benefits to entice your audience to join in the fun.

It's a great strategy to really get things going and move the needle when a viral challenge is created.

Instagram games and challenges Tip 8: Think like a follower

Slip into the role of your followers and ask yourself:

  • Do I have all the information to successfully take on this challenge?
  • Is the Instagram game easily accessible?
  • Is it clear how to get involved?
  • Are the instructions easy to understand?

It is important to take out the guesswork for your audience (and potential target groups as a challenge / game cobwebs for new target groups!).

Make it easy for yourself and break it all open from the consumer's perspective – make sure you haven't missed any steps or information that could prevent people from getting involved.

Instagram games and challenges Tip 9: Follow up with friends

There is no shame in asking others for support!

Give your challenge a boost by asking friends, coworkers, co-workers, brand partners etc. to support and start the engagement by being the first to share on their personal platforms.

Remember, a smile and mutual support can go a long way!

Instagram games and challenges Tip 10: Repeat

As with content creation, consistency is key to maintaining a digital footprint.

Turn your Instagram game into one Brand series that you commit to monthly, bi-weekly or even weekly. This promotes the consistent engagement with your audience and gives them something to look forward to on your channel!

Make planning your Instagram challenges or games easier by planning your content with Later.

Schedule Instagram stories and posts in advance are one of the best ways to add more time to your schedule so you can spend more time interacting with your audience or planning your next challenge!

Now that you have the tools to create a viral Instagram challenge or Instagram game, I can't wait to see what you create in the digital space.

Don't forget to nominate me @baileyjst, so that I can take part in your challenge!

Plan all your Instagram games and challenge content with Later – for free!

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Written by

Bailey Stanworth

Bailey is the founder of PLAY Digital, a social and influencer marketing platform for brands of all sizes. Visit her on Instagram, where she helps brands grow and build powerful communities. And get some viral trends on the way.


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