How to Use Short Videos to Take Your Business to the Next Level

How to Use Short Videos to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Videos are fast becoming the norm for online content. Short videos have become hugely popular over the past decade with the boom in social media and the advent of platforms like Tik-Tok and Instagram Reel. The low attention span of the average online user also plays a crucial role in this switch.

It's also easy to make videos today. You can edit videos online and publish them directly with little effort. Short videos are the future of internet communication, but what makes them so memorable?

Why use short videos?

1. Build anticipation

A short video conveys a sense of urgency and anticipation to see more. Think of these as small amounts of dopamine that will help spark curiosity about your brand. Movie trailers have used this philosophy for generations to generate interest.

2. Addicting users.

When a user spends long hours on a single video, they tend to tune themselves out and focus on other things. The advantage of small videos is that they get stuck and jump from one to the next.

This involvement is the reason we only see one movie a day but can see a number of episodes throughout the day. It is easier to consume content in smaller and snackable bursts.

3. Repeat the observation.

Short-form content also receives more repetitive views than long-form content. Since it takes less time to consume, people don't mind watching a small video again instead of a larger area. When users watch a video more often, it creates a lasting impression on their minds.

If you notice that the beginning or the end of a show created with an outro maker is stuck in your brain longer than the entire show, it is because of its short and repetitive nature.

4. Divisibility.

Short videos mean more people are reaching the end of each video. This factor also increases the relativity of the content, which leads to more shares. It is statistically proven that short videos grow better when shared.

People who watch long videos regularly will also watch short videos while sending, but the opposite of this is not valid.

5. Quantity posting.

Creating short videos takes less time and effort. This gives the creator the freedom to make more videos and post more often. Some social media platforms rank your content higher if you post more often. Therefore, small videos make good business sense.

6. Inexpensive.

Ultimately, the most important factor is cost savings. Creating short videos requires small budgets, minimal equipment, and basic knowledge. They can also be made in bulk to protect against repetitive production costs.

Small videos also don't require complex editing tools like Davinci Resolve. Cell phones and online editing tools that come with preset templates are great for this quick exercise.

Short Videos Ideas:

1. Behind the scenes

These forms of video are easy to make and are used by any brand or individual alike. BTS videos show the process of your production, the life of a blogger or the work of a company. It is in its most basic form – the process that leads to the service you are selling.

These little videos show an honest representation of the brand. BTS content helps to give your brand a face and to connect emotionally with users.

2. Interesting facts

Learning or informative content is one of the most common forms of online video. Create small videos based on your business domain that contain interesting facts, anecdotes, or insights. This will involve users and present your brand as a subject matter expert.

This doesn't have to be your brand, it has to be your domain. For example, if you are a company that exports sporting goods. Make videos showing the history of the shoes or policy change for export, etc.

3. How-to videos.

These videos work best if you are a product driven company. You create small videos that explain how your products work or some other new technology in the field. This video will help your users better understand your products and train new users.

4. Entertaining videos

Entertainment is a very niche type of video. By creating videos that will entertain people, you can grab eyeballs and ultimately build a user base for direct selling. Products like Vine and Reels are the perfect example of this model. They are short videos full of blows.

5. Event trailer

When there's an event, webinar, or conference coming up, use a video to add excitement and get the world started. A video, in contrast to a text contribution, can better summarize all information and is better represented with visual aids.

You can also share videos of past events and the introduction of upcoming events as trailers. The short nature of the video will make it very effective.

6. Product features

Mobile companies like Apple and OnePlus have been using this trick for many years. The use of small videos to pinpoint what a phone will do months before it's launch. Long-form video ratings and unboxing are essential, but they can't be as effective without these smaller videos.

7. Moving image.

If you are unsure of whether you want to create high production videos but still want to take advantage of video content, create moving images. These are animated posters, loop banners, and social media GIFs.

While it could be a mear image or text posts, turning them into videos can help improve your page ranking and get better engagements. To this end, tools were created on social media platforms such as boomerangs and online GIF makers.

Final thoughts,

The more you dig into short videos, the more you'll see them all around you. From WhatsApp to website launches, these videos become powerful tools and if not used it can only harm a brand or company.

The only factor to consider when creating good videos is that they need to add value to your user. Don't fall victim to trend jacking and mass hysteria. Make videos that are aimed at your target audience and comfort a purpose. The results will definitely follow in due course.


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