Microsoft announced the launch of Microsoft Advertising's Health Blog, which really looks like a monitoring dashboard for the availability and health of Microsoft Advertising applications, platforms, and APIs. It can be accessed at

Microsoft said from here that you can track known issues and understand how they can affect delivery, reporting, latency, and so on. This can save you valuable time and determine if there is something you should know. "You don't have to contact our support teams to ask if there is a problem. You can see everything at a glance in our health blog. that may affect your experience or performance will see either a yellow or red warning to indicate the severity of the problem and an explanation of the known impact. "

Here is a screenshot of what it currently looks like:

Click for full size

As you can see, the status of the ad console web interface, ad editor, mobile apps, ad delivery, editing, reporting systems, as well as the Ad Insight API, Bulk API, Campaign Management API, Billing API and API and reporting API shown in customer management.

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