Mirelia Networks Review – Introduction

If you've got a skin in the dating game – and by that I mean, you enjoy promoting dating deals – you should check out Mirelia Networks.

Mirelia Networks is an on-demand, self-service platform with a high volume of high quality member traffic.

The team behind Mirelia Networks has over 10 years of affiliate marketing experience and is highly skilled in digital ad tech solutions that will skyrocket your ROI.

So let's break down the statistics.

The network currently has 1.5 billion monthly impressions and 30 million clicks per month.

They have 1.5 million users daily in over 20 Tier 1 GEOs through a network of their own exclusive member's websites.

This leads to a high volume of highly converting traffic from direct sources (member area). With no commission paid to publishers, affiliates can get higher payouts and premium adult traffic at affordable prices.

The vast majority of Mirelia's traffic is mobile. 90% of all traffic comes from mobile users, and the remaining 10% of traffic is split equally between desktop and tablet computers.

This makes Mirelia one of the biggest traffic sources in the adult dating industry. Combine this with an impressive affiliate network that is only going to grow in strength and number, and it is easy to see how Mireila Networks has become such a powerful ad tech solution for dating partners and advertisers worldwide.

If quality adult mobile traffic from Tier 1 GEOs is high on your priority list, it's time to check it out!

Getting started with Mirelia Networks

Register an account using Mirelia Networks is quick and easy.

Simply click on the 'Advertisers' tab on the Mirelia website then click on 'Register Now'.

As soon as you have filled in the short form and confirmed your account by email, you can log into the self-service platform (DSP).

The welcome area looks clean and clear, with a layout that is functional and easy to navigate.

The rest of the platform looks just as good as the splash screen, and the recent redesign does more than just get up close and personal.

You will find that the DSP has an intuitive layout that is quick and responsive. The admin panel is fast and flows seamlessly from one screen to the next.

Once the welcome screen appears, you will be presented with three options:

  1. Add money
  2. Create a campaign
  3. statistics

You can also access the same screens by clicking the appropriate menu links at the top of the page.

Fund your account

Before creating your first campaign, you need to fund your account.

One of the great things about Mirelia is that you can start small.


The minimum top-up amount is only $ 30 when using a debit or credit card and $ 50 when using Paxum, as well as ePayments or wire transfers on request.

It only takes a few seconds to charge and you'll be up and running in no time.

While you can deposit the minimum amount, it is recommended that you increase this amount if you want to give the platform a fair chance and test all of the options available.

There's even a handy Payment History tab so you can see all of your previous payments in one place.

Note that if you use the managed campaign option, you must have sufficient funds to cover the costs.

Set up your first campaign

Now let's get to the fun part – creating a campaign.

Mirelia works a little differently than other DSPs you may be familiar with.

The difference is in how Mirelia engages audiences and how that is reflected in the campaign setup.

Go on and Click Create Campaign. You can see all the campaigns that are running here. These will initially be empty.Create a campaign in Mirelia networks

Only active campaigns are shown and you can search by name or sort by all active or deactivated campaigns.

That way, you can view your campaigns with the best performing and find out which ones are best for your offerings. This is especially useful when you have a large number of campaigns.

Use the placement filter to see all campaigns with the same placement or use the vertical filter to see which verticals are best for you.

Now click on Create Campaign. Only the CPC option is displayed on this screen. Refer to the table of minimum CPC rates in the Help section for suggested bids for your placements.

This is the best starting point for mobile display traffic to promote your dating deals.

You will need to speak to your account manager for CPM bidding.

We recommend this of course as they can really help you set up your campaigns to get the best traffic for your offers.

You can use the following verticals for CPM bidding:

  • Dating
  • Cams
  • Adult Paysite and VOD
  • Entertainment and media
  • Software applications
  • Games
  • Pharma
  • Survey / competition
  • Gambling
  • Sex toys

With both bid models, you receive the latest security and support around the clock. However, you may have to wait a little longer for the approval process with CPM if you upload your own banners.

You can also stop or pause your campaign at any time to make changes.

Campaign creation is divided into two parts – targeting and landers.

The reason for this will become clear later.

First, let's go through the targeting options.

Targeting and Segmentation

Mirelia uses powerful themes in conjunction with the platform's smart targeting options.

This gives advertisers a smart way to get low-cost traffic and show the right ads to the right user at the right time.

The targeting options reflect this and include some unique features.

This is how it looks:

  • Surname
  • segment
  • Geo
  • Device type
  • Vertical
  • Campaign Frequency Upper Limit (per user)
  • Daily cap (clicks)
  • Daily time zone for the cap update
  • Total campaign cap (clicks)
  • Spend cap (USD per hour)
  • PPC rate (USD)
  • Product domain
  • Domain frequency cap (per user)
  • Splits

Some of these like Name and Geo will be pretty self explanatory, others you may need to get to know first.

So first choose a campaign name. You need something unique and specific, especially if you use the splits feature to find it later.

When you use the CPC model, you only have one vertical that is dated.

One of the big differences between Mirelia and other platforms is the way users are segmented. The drop-down menu for this is as follows:

  • $ Green
  • $$ red
  • $$$ blue
  • $$$$ yellow
  • $$$$$ purple
  • $$$$$$ PPS
  • pink
  • Gray
  • brown
  • C backfilling

What kind of madness is that?

Well actually it's pretty simple.

To keep traffic quality high and to help with user segmentation, Mirelia assigns users a specific tag.

These tags relate to customer buying loyalty.

Mirelia has no overlap between segments, and advertisers can use the Help section to find price estimates for each segment.

So when you're building your campaigns, you'll want to test different segments to see which ones have been converted for your offer.

The easiest way to do this is to create two identical campaigns and only change one – in this case, the segment. Note that some segments cost more than others. Hence, you need to keep an eye on your ad spend.

For the frequency cap per user, you can choose what you want. Note, however, that Mirelia only shows 3 ads per user per day. So, if you want the freshest users to do this, keep these down.

Now you will see another big difference called splits. Splits are the ability to test traffic sources across identical campaigns.

You can split tests for up to 5 variations of a campaign, including segmentation, bids, and countries. This will give you 20% of the allocated budget for all of your splits that you can adjust later based on the performance statistics.

Also note that the traffic does not overlap, so you will only get unique users for each split.

To see this in action, let's take a look at the Landers tab.

Lander and traffic

Mirelia networked banners

Mirelia takes an innovative approach to lander.

Unlike most DSPs, which ask you to upload your own designs, these are already built into Mirelia.

This is great news for partners using Smartlinks and it will save you a lot of time.

How does this work?

Each country is specially selected for its high CTR value. This means there is no need to test this yourself as the work is already done for you.

These in-house high-performance pools of creatives work with smart targeting to keep the quality of the countries on the network high.

A similar selection of motifs is offered for CPM bids. The difference is that when using CPM campaigns, you can upload your own banners as well.

Mirelia is also unique in that it only works with display traffic – banner, native, and interstitial.

These are displayed in different zones in the network of Mirelia's direct websites and managed by the Smart Targeting Ad Tech.

The system works like this: Smart targeting is used to display impressions to the audience using RTB Ad Tech. The platform then selects the highest bid and the best commercial for the impression.

As soon as the user clicks on the banner, he is shown an intermediate page on which he can register for push notifications. After 3-5 seconds, the user will be redirected to the click-through URL.

The whole process ensures that all available inventory is filled and continuously delivers high quality traffic for your offers.

You pay more for priority traffic made up of the latest users and historically high EPC offers.

Refills cost less, but are only shown to users who have already clicked on priority ads. You can actively opt for padding when using smartlinks as they will automatically select the best offer for the user – regardless of whether or not they have viewed that offer before.

Understanding this system can help you effectively manage your bids.

Now let's put the split test into action with the pre-built landers.

First, you'll create two identical campaigns.

Next, assign the country that best suits your offering. You can preview the landers in the Landers area. Try to pick one with a high CTR that fits the vertical: dating or mainstream.

Now you can choose your layout. If you only use one split, it will receive 20% of the traffic. If you choose two splits you will get 40% of the traffic and so on up to 100%.

Tracking and Optimization

Once you have set up, saved and activated your campaign, you can test the traffic and targeting and start the optimization process.

Mirelia can be integrated into most tracking platforms, making it easier to optimize your campaigns.

While it is advisable to use your own tracker, it is important not to overlook the Statistics tab.

This way, you get instant reporting for all the campaigns you run, as well as real-time statistics.

After the above breakdown, you can now track this in your campaigns.

Simply assign your split value to your tacking link using a predefined parameter, e.g. B. & utm_term = mirelia_split1.

Once you let this run for a day, simply analyze the results with your tracker and adjust your bids accordingly to give more weight to the profit split.

This way you can increase your ROI and increase the volume of the winning campaign.

Additional tabs

You should now have everything you need to get started with Mirelia.

However, there are some very useful guides on the Help tab. I therefore recommend reading this too to fully familiarize yourself with how it works.

You will also need the Help tab for the CPC estimates.

If you are promoting the platform and would like to receive 2.5% commission on your referrals for six months, click the Affiliate Program tab. That way, you'll get everything you need, including banners and your referral link, to promote the platform.

Mirelia Networks Review – Summary

Mirelia Networks is a powerful data driven DSP with a good selection of high converting motifs to fit your strategy.

The platform is well designed and uses innovative ad tech solutions that provide dating partners with high quality traffic and leads.

The smart targeting features are particularly useful. With its anti-fraud software and high-end security, advertisers are in safe hands.

As a partner, you get competitive pricing and personal live support via an innovative DSP that delivers great performance and value.

There is also a good range of payment methods to fund your account.

While the platform is a little different from what you may be used to, it's easy to keep track of and most partners are up and running in no time.

The platform also offers numerous optimization and tracking options, including real-time statistics to increase your ROI.

If you want to see crazy results from the high quality traffic in the members area, register an account with Mirelia Networks.



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